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    • I have a lot.Β  I like the Zelda and Mario series.Β  I like a lot of the Final Fantasy games before X.Β  I just finished Horizon: Zero Dawn and I loved it.Β  There's Silent Hill 2 and the first two Fallout games. There's a lot more, but I can't think of anything right now.
    • I'm partial to black, blue, green and purple myself.Β  And pink.Β  I like pink too.
    • That's actually good advice. The two options I'm thinking of now are honestly either a note or telling him in person. But if I do it in person, my only fear is someone interrupting constantly or so, because I'm our friend group a lot of our friends interrupt because we're the kind that get distracted easily or don't know a serious talk is happening until we interrupt on accident and just waddle off awkwardly. And another fear is making myself look like a fool in front of him or stumbling on my words terribly and hardly able to even form a sentence or taking too long to say anything.Β 
    • Personally I would just tell them straight up, as soon as possible. Saves the heart ache of worrying about it. Just also say its ok if they dont feel the same and your friendship is your priority. Ive been freinds with people and see people be friends after they broke up or got rejected and its just fine. If you say it then you know, and you can either work on letting it go or you get to date them. Either way, the worrying about it is over. And theyre not going to stop being friends with you after that king just cause you like them.
    • Exactly. That's one thing that makes me so afraid of confessing to him because we've been friends for so long. And I don't want to lose him because he's amazing and one of the only few friends I've got that actually acknowledges my existence every day, gives me a hug every day, tries talking to me, and greets me or so. I don't wanna lose him. But I also don't wanna keep all my feelings inside. I'm afraid of rejection or the friendship possibly slowly fading away or we end up together but end in bad terms or so. I just. *Heavy sigh* I don't want him to go but I really want to take the risk and confess to him.
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