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    • I discovered that Beat Saber really is as fun as it looks. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. Anyone have $400 they don't need lying around?Β 
    • Oh, I've had plenty of these. Here's some: Β  The stars blinking. The stars blinked one night recently. No, it's not the clouds passing by them - no, it's not me being drunk, high, hallucinating, etc., the stars here just blinked, and the bigger the star the clearer you could see it blink, like.. on and off, someone flickering a light switch. My grandmother could also see it, and so did my grandfather.Β It was on a night that the moon was surprisingly big and bright, more-so than usual, and when I noticed the stars were blinking I looked back at the moon to see a horrifically large cloud passing by it but because the moon was so bright it shone straight through it, as if the clouds were behind it, and then two bats decided to just come out of nowhere and dance in the sky. Lovely. There's probably a scientific explanation for the blinking stars but oml. Β  Also, I don't know if anyone else has this, but whenever we have a starry night, some "stars" just decide to move. I think it might be jets, but I'm unsure why they'd have blinking lights and why those lights would be the same size as the stars. They just cruise the sky, and blatantly blink, making their presence very aware of. No sound, no trail, no shape other than the blinking light, and they usually cruise together in groups. Always on a starry night, never any other time from what I've seen. Β  Scratching at the door - there used to be a regular occurrence that I'd hear some kind of animal scratching at the back door, and I'd think it was the dog, but nope, he'd come out of a room and be like "tf are you doing." It sounds like my dog scratching his paw on it when he wanted to be let in, or a raccoon deciding to bug me, something like that, but every time I took a look outside nothing was there, and no, nothing was blowing up against any of the windows or the door, but it was still a specific "claws against glass" sound. Stopped at some point, unsure as to why. Β  There were knocks from the basement one day. It's a distinctive knocking sound, I think with a 6-knockΒ pattern that you'd hear from a person. My grandmother suggested pipes knocking against the floor, but it only happened for one day outta nowhere, and definitely didn't come from the pipes as we found out - the knocks also sounded like they were specifically from a fist, they weren't anything that sounded like a pipe. The knockingΒ stopped after I went to the basement with a flashlight and asked if there was anyone in there. Never saw anything out of the ordinary. Β  Recently talked about it with my grandmother, and she admitted that it's happened before. Distinctive knocking one day that her kids heard coming from the floor. She thought it was also the pipes until she heard it for herself, and realized that it wasn't the pipes making that sound. She finds it really weird that we'd also hear it, and it apparently only happens at certain times.
    • After 11 hours of hard work, I finally finished a colored drawing of my almighty astral guardian,Β Prince Alaphraxxas! I totally failed on the galaxy pillar but oh well, it happens ^.=.^ πŸ‰πŸŒŒπŸ’«
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