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    • I am a deity, but I will not scream curses or hate you if you do not worship me- or anyone/thing at all. 
    • Oh my god...someone just did that recently to me. Not only did he put his stuff practically on my stuff while I was checking out, and breathe down my neck, he decided to comment on how much my food cost. The hell! None of your business dude!
    •   Though I live in the U.S., the UK-style warning sign seemed to work better for this one. 
    •   There are far too many things listed in this thread that resonate with me, so I'll only respond to a few.  I'll add a few of my own, also. Things like these are near the top of my personal list.  When people refuse to see proof that's right in front of them in favor of a pre-existing belief (or because they're intensely afraid of being "wrong"), it drives me insane.  Critical thought is something that is very, very, very, very underrated as a skill for a person to have.
         This annoys the hell out of me, but it also says a lot about the person who is looking down on other people for doing what they love.  I often wonder how I'd be able to get through life if I was constantly worrying and concentrating on things that other people do and enjoy.  I have my own quirks like this, of course.  I tend to cringe when I see common grammatical mistakes ("There soup was to hot!" "The pack of wolfs peaked my interest."), but I know that it doesn't make a person less worthy of my respect.  It's my tendency to cringe that I have to keep in check whilst reminding myself that I'm not perfect either.
        This thought in itself is something that I disagree with.  Everyone goes through phases in their attempt to discover and understand the world.  I know how annoying it can be when someone jumps onto a bandwagon and loudly spouts all sorts of things that I might not even agree with.  For example, I (despite my theriotype) don't consume any animal products.  I see people (especially younger people) jumping onto the vegetarian/vegan bandwagon all the time, being extremely obnoxious about it, and basically misrepresenting something that I feel very strongly about.  A month later, most of those people have given it up and are on to their next fad.  It's incredibly annoying, yes, and it can make a label that I use look much more extreme and ridiculous to others who don't share it.  That being said, I always respect the wishes of young people who are trying to establish an identity and who are exploring their own beliefs, consciousness, and ethics.  After all, some (if not most) of those young people will have that identity for a very long time.
        Edit:  I almost forgot to add one of my biggest pet peeves.  People who are addicted to their cell phones.  It's something that I can understand... up to a point.  If a person initiates a conversation and is trying to converse with me, all while their face is buried in a screen, it tends to grind my gears.  Even more so that when I don't push my clutch pedal in all the way.   
    • Close-mindedness  Waiting or having a long stretch of no mental stimulation. I'm quite an impatient person- and pay dearly for it some days.  
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