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    • Had a dream recently where I was a supervillain and my roommate was an amnesiac superhero, and my plans were always thwarted because I had to stop and save my roommate.
    • I don't believe I am. But regardless, I agree that trying to explain is going to to nowhere, so I'm gladly going to go do something else. Hope you have a good day, regardless.  :)
    • You're missing the point. I also said that the issue is people "not thinking for themselves at all". I don't expect them to think like me or anyone else except themselves but they don't even try to. I see no need to even continue trying to explain what I mean. This discussion isn't even good for this thread or area in general.   
    • Why would most people stress themselves out over it and potentially ruin their life for something that doesn't really affect them?  Expecting everyone to rage against what they disagree with will only bring disappointment. The best way to convince them to care is to show them why its important and help them understand.  No growth comes from assuming they think like oneself, and not helping to guide them. You turn more people with guidance and honey that with vitriol and vinegar.
    • I'm talking about people not thinking for themselves at all. The people who don't question and just keep going along with whatever someone puts in front of them regardless of whether they agree with it or not.
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