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    • I'm still unsure of how to label myself when it comes to religious beliefs. I used to identify as polytheistic, but, I could be wrong since my knowledge of religions is extremely small, I believe that people who identified as polytheistic historically worshipped a certain set of gods/goddesses. I could be wrong about that though, but because of that thought I tried to figure out what to label myself.

      For a bit I thought of labeling myself as a satanist, as I agreed with the rules and such from the reading I did (that was maybe 3-4 years ago), however I read that you couldn't worship gods other than Satan from whatever website I was using, or something to that affect. I couldn't really adhere to that with my current religious beliefs, so that didn't work. My current beliefs at that point were that I was "worshipping" 1 goddess from a past life of mine (named Carnella), Terra (who I consider to be the goddess of the earth), along with Lucifer, which I believe is mostly due to my past life as a demon. I use the term worship loosely, as I don't really worship them, I more or less respect them in a sense.

      I see them almost as parental figures/teachers. I wouldn't worship my parents or my teachers, but I'd respect them if they respected me.

      Then I read up on Luciferianism and found I liked that a tad more than satanism. Though it would seem that Luciferians and Satanists don't believe Satan/Lucifer are actual beings, so that small part didn't fit either. My girlfriend suggested labeling myself as a polytheistic luciferian, so I've been using that. So now I "worship" Carnella, Terra, Lucifer, and Amaterasu. 
    • That grey is nearly impossible to read for those using the dark background. I had to highlight in order to read. If that'ts a cut and paste, you could try dropping it into notepad to remove the formatting.  I agree with the divine spark thing. As far as I'm concerned everyone came from the divine, so a kintype like mine is not as much of a big deal as everyone tries to make it out to be. I just happen to know what my Higher Self is called.  What do you mean by abilities though? As far as I know this sandbox has some pretty specific rules for a good reason, both as a testing ground and to keep it from flying apart at the seams. You can't really go around mucking with it, unless you do it the old fashioned way with sweat and muscle. There are some really interesting things one can do with chi, but even that is a skill to be learned, and it also has some pretty specific limitations. 
    • My Gnosis:   The physical worlds and spirit worlds are all interdependent on each other for the reason that spirit has entered the physical worlds causing life to be possible. Spirits and all sentient beings that ever exist are kin by this, be them good or evil (not to be confused with light and dark)   There are "pathways" between all the worlds that can not only be crossed in the spirit form through an OBE but also physically if one knows how and the paths are opened. Remember the worlds are separated by "veils" and "mist" not brick and stone walls.   There is spirit in anything and everything, this acts as it's connection to the whole of reality and is the divine spark within. Through this divine spark we can perceive in a logical sense everything in existence through it. The spirit is infinite just as is the whole of creation. The physical form is finite, therefore thinking on a finite level and not opening you mind to all possibility keeps you from reaching Gnosis.   Through the spirits existence within a being even those of physical form can manifest powers and abilities of a supernatural nature because within the person lies the tether to the rest of existence through the very act of being alive   Everything that can be and has been thought of or existed or existing does, simply because we can perceive of it and therefore must have its place and beginning within the Source or Pleroma from which everything emanated and was poured forth from   Evil works with and goes hand in hand with suffering, they are two sides of the same coin and work from the fact that outside the Source and Pleroma, everything is finite, no one thing below the pleroma takes up infinite space. Through this finite nature of things we get inequality and through that suffering, then pain loss and hurt and finally corruption to the evil path. One must be aware of this and remember that suffering and evil can never be ended, only kept and bay for a time. Even if one wishes to change how things are they could never do it for they would have to change reality itself and no being outside of the pleroma (fullness) has such power.   Even though suffering and evil will always be around we all have the divine spark connecting us the the pleroma. Through this we can help and support each other, choose better and make better decisions than one that will lead to suffering and degenerative evil.   Not everyone will achieve gnosis or enlightenment, but those that do have an obligation to aid, guide, heal, teach and protect those that do not. They are light-bringers, either divine beings in the flesh or just illumined physical beings, they have that duty above all else to keep evil at bay and fight the battles others cannot.    Things of a vibratory nature, those that have no physical form, spirit, thought, emotions, powers and abilities come from outside in. They enter the body and chose a physical conduit within the body from which we can observe them in a physical being. In this way reality lies within us but such is a misnomer, it lies within the physical shell, it doesn't need the physical form to exist. Therefore through OBE, NDE, astral projection, lucid dreaming, and just plain dreaming which are all the same, we exit the shell and enter deeper into infinite through the spirit side which exists outside ourselves.    Thoughts being of a vibratory nature and coming outside to within act as energetic traces of beings, places and things that already exist separate from ourselves and without the need of us to even exist. Thoughts are the bridges that span the gaps between worlds in a way because through them we encounter other areas of the infinite without even traveling anywhere, spirit form or physically.    I'll most-likely add more information over time to this list when I remember if I've forgotten anything or I learn more.
    • Junkrat. Junkrat. Junkrat. & Junkrat.   oh & Lucio, Ana, Mei, Tracer, Roadhog, Orisa, Symmetra.
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