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    • I do that as well in the Summer. It's too hot during the day so I take walks at night.Β 
    • I'm something of a night owl and without a schedule might stay up until one or two in the morning. This is rather inconvenient when the sunrise energy rush wakes me up. I try to ignore it and go back to sleep when I can. In the summer it can be too hot to go out during the day, so I used to take walks late at night and see other people outside enjoying the cool air too.Β 
    • I'm more awake at night but I'm constantly tired due to being on a lot of meds... I also blame it on the spiritual atmosphere and how things have been going on around the world lately... Also rain makes me tired and anxious
    • Any movie with the camera zooming through the air, especially in theaters where I can get the full effect of almost-flying. I also like sword fights.Β  I've seen two movies that have my other self in them, and they're both really bad movies. There's Gods of Egypt, which I refused to even watch after being told some of the ridiculous things they put in it. (Yes, that confessionΒ about being a fictionkin from there was posted on April 1st.) TheΒ other one is Immortal, which is another really bad movie and would definitely be disturbing to some people.Β  (rape, gore, but not at the same time) Though I admit that I was amused by some of the humor in it. It's very artsy and French and wtf.Β  Splash was the movie that set off my mermaid phase when I was a kid. Those transformation scenes were neat. My polymorph side loves transformation scenes, including werewolf ones.Β 
    • Anyone here love the night? I do, it's so peaceful.Β 
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