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    • I don't even care for Sonic and I love those emojis. They're so well made.
    • @Charias Eww I hate clowns this thing is scary >.< .....but it is February and not October 
    • Who doesn't love site updates? Over the past few days, we've made several minor updates to the site to help improve usability as well as quite a few small new features.  New Features You can now clear your notifications; because why shouldn't you be able to? You can now quote a post and send it in a private message using the envelope icon that appears next to the "Report Post" link. It's a small improvement, but it's something that should improve communication with your fellow users. You'll need to be auto-confirmed to do this, however. A few Sonic The Hedgehog emojis have been added: If you'd like to suggest some emojis for inclusion; send them to me via PM! We are now hosting our own instance of PluralKit on our Discord server. It'll eventually be linked to a web interface that allows multiple system configuration from within Kinmunity.com, so yay! Khloé is a Kinmunity-specific implementation of PluralKit and will not be compatible with the main branch; especially once we finish all the web stuff. This means that unfortunately, you'll need to create your system within Khloé. We plan on allowing other servers to use Khloé once we finish our customization of her, though! Attachments and other downloadable files should now download faster, thanks to XSendFile. Removed Features The Instant Messenger has been removed from the site; it was causing undesirable visual glitches when moving between pages that featured single-column and multi-column layouts. It was also largely unused and duplicates functionality of the personal messenger and our Discord server. Sorry about that! Maintenance Several security updates have been applied to ikari, the server that Kinmunity runs on.
    • I like this idea; and it'll be included; thank you! All are good suggestions; so I'll be including them. Thanks again! You guessed it; I'm including this! I don't wish to identify individual sites that a person participates on; but I may allow them to select between common social media outlets and then an option such as "community-specific site" to encompass things like Kinmunity, otherkin.net, TG, etc.
    • I wish Fur Affinity had Demon as a species tag and not just Daemon. I know Daemon is an archaic word for Demon but now of days people refer to it as the Greek Mythology term. It doesn't make sense for me tagging all my art of Zack with "Daemon" when he's not... But, I still do it anyways like most others with demonic characters. Get with the times Fur Affinity! 
    • Walking along, minding my own business, when I notice this thing staring at me from a shop window. Nice.
    • @Curious Canine Sorry friend, slots are full at the moment! I'm a slow worker, aha. But once I'm done this round of art I'll probably open slots up again! ^^ @Jahfari Aaa finally got this done! Sorry for the wait! Turns out wolf colours are way harder than I thought, aha. I hope you like~
    • Ugg...I got to leave in a little bit to take an uber to my psychiatry appointment and then drop off paperwork to the main office of the apartment complex I live in. I just want to stay home. Zack said he'll help me (like he always does) and do fun things together when we come home, so I guess it won't be so bad. At least it helps me not to feel alone when I go do this stuff~