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    • Greetings and welcome to the Kinmunity!  Ultimately, no one can tell you what your kintypes are, we can only provide advice. It is entirely possible to be fictionkin and have a kintype from the real world. I know many others who have similar identities. I highly suggest doing research on both possible kintypes, that way you can know and compare what you find in sources to your experiences respectfully. Take time to discover yourself, it takes a while to have memories and such, as they mainly come naturally. Meditation can be a wonderful way to help retrieve memories, however keep in mind that there is no one way to meditate! Just do whatever makes you feel comfortable! I don’t have that many true memories either, so I would be on the same boat! ^.=.^ Also keep in mind though that fiction is meant to be relatable and it is supposed to encapsulate you in the world and story. It can be easy to see a fictional character and immediately fall into them, I’ve done that a few times myself. Remember to take discovery slow and do some questioning about your experiences and memories if they arise. I wish you much luck in finding out your identities and feel free to browse around the forums and ask if you still have questions! ^.=.^  
    • Hello and welcome to Kinmunity! We hope you enjoy your stay here!  I don't have any Kindgom Hearts fictotypes but one of my headmates (soulbonds) is Ansem, Seeker of Darkness. I used to consider myself a heartless long ago but they became more of something I'm fiction-hearted to (I guess that would be the right term.. or maybe synpath? idk, there are so many definitions for the terms DX). 
    • Hello! I'm new to this website, however I'm not new to the community. I'm on the search for any and all Kingdom Hearts kinnies, since it's my main source and I hardly have any friends from the series. I personally am Isa/Saïx and Lea/Axel and I'd love to talk to anyone.
    • I'd love to see a professional as well, though I don't know where to begin with that. Both on the literal "how do I get one/where do I find one/which one do I need" front, and the "how do I begin talking about what's troubling me" front. I don't even know how to describe it in a way that makes sense because I get the feeling it's not something many others deal with. It's a very specific kind of trouble. One that's not easy to talk about without getting labeled and dismissed.
    • We actually have school today, which is nice. Its nice to get out of my house, ya know? 
    • @ArchieAce I don't actually do commissions atm. I'm too flaky for that kind of responsibility! I prefer to just do art for fun anyway... the pressure of working for money makes it too stressful for me. I offer free stuff pretty often, though (well, uh, "often" by my standards, which is... not really that often because I'm such a slow worker, aha). Slots will probably open again at some point, but I'm not sure when!
    • Trying to explain how to move files on a computer to someone and they reply with things like "I don't think my computer has folders.", "What's a taskbar?", "I clicked something and it all went away". Today is going to be a long day. edit - oh, forgot to add this gem: "How do I right click?"