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    • I... spend many painstaking hours half-sketching things in biro then end up never finishing them, if that counts! :P Β  I also make dog stuff. :3
    • I drew myself a tattoo, and I do freelance but not many buyers. sometimes I sew plushies but I don't have any examples atm Β 
    • I don't post often, but here is my Deviant Art. I post on other places too but,, eh. Β 
    • I haven't posted much or lately on my Deviant Art but find it enjoyable to post some of my items there when I get the chance! So far digital art, doodles and two stuffed animals I have finished. Edit: Took a closer look at ceramic creation and think its amazing! (I'm not very good with clay but hope to be better one day! I recall making a small dog for a friend on her birthday. I had a different image in my head but turned out "cute" for my standards so I felt good gifting my creation)Β 
    • I very rarely do small pixel-art-type things or short stories. I've got a longer story I'm slow-cooking, but there's no set finish date on that. This is one quick example. Cormorant πŸ™‚
    • I'm actually a freelance artist by trade, though business has been slow lately. I do mostly fanart, particularly of My Hero Academia lately.
    • I guess so, but moreso when motivation (rarely) hits - I’m more of a writer. From earliest to latest: Β 
    • I draw a lot. I have an account on Furaffinty, actually (because yes. I am also a massive furry) I draw art of myself (both current and past) Bendy, Both of us, and... I draw an ungodly amount of furries. I also am learning to make yarn tails.