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    • Personally I would just describe therianthropy to them as a belief in reincarnation, and and you believe you were a wolf in a past life. That is not exactly true, and I'm unsure if it matches your personal beliefs or not, but reincarnation is an idea most are familiar with and is generally not too hard to wrap your head around. Of course certain people may have beliefs that clash, but even so, I feel explaining it in this way is easier then trying to get into all the technicalities. Identity is a very complex thing that many people never really explore and so don't understand. I feel it's best to just stick to plain and simple concepts. If they accept that and show further interest you could begin to explain more in the future if you wish.
    • Building on the previous comment: "Clinical lycanthropy is defined as a rare psychiatric syndrome that involves a delusion that the affected person can physically transform into, has transformed into, or is a non-human animal." "Otherkinity is when a person identifies as a non-human animal on a non-physical integral, personal level." Clinical lycanthropy is a delusion based on physical form, while otherkinity is a psychological or spiritual identity and is how you see yourself in non-human form. Otherkinity is perfectly healthy and sensible psychologists and therapists will say for a fact that it's fine, while clinical lycanthropy is a serious delusion that needs psychological care. I'd explain that to your parents if possible.
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