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    • Perhaps, @Amber, this manifestation as antithesis to one's self as @Shezepย described is a manifestation of warning. A cautionary tale of the subconscious, bubbling up from below, of what not to be and what to be wary of. I propose this because of the nature of archetype theories and how dreaming in analytical psychology is established and used. Dreams often can symbolize, when one becomes something particularly, especially that which they resent, a warning from the self at the core - down far below where one could ever reach because it is so abstract - that caution must be used to avoid becoming the very thing opposed. I find it in no short way appropriate that a force as Apophis, struck out for the sake of being respectful in this context with said knowledge in mind, is an idea and interpretation opposed to the idea of being a guardian of life. While I cannot say these things for certain, one would need to see what associations surface when thinking on it beyond the imagery or events, I believe it is not out of the question to hold the possibility at hand that the narrative was a mirror and a symbol of ultimate destruction over preservation, entropy at its greatest and all consuming.
    • @Amberย Apophis or Apepย is the worst of the worst. That's the force that wants to end all of creation, permanently. None of that death and renewal stuff, which is actually more of Osiris's thing. It's never depicted in whole form, always cut into pieces and wounded, so Kemetics strike out or otherwise desecrate the name. That's how bad he is. We're not talking the devil here, a necessary evil or tempter. We're talking about the end of everything, forever. All the Egyptian gods fight him including and especially Set.ย  Yes, Apepย is depicted as a snake but that doesn't mean that all snakes are bad. Cobras are often symbols of protection that spit fire at enemies, which is why they're often featured on crowns. So, someone going into battle certainly could take on that form.ย  You definitely don't want to be that guy. There's nothing good about him, especially if you think of yourself as a guardian.ย 
    • I know it was so beautiful to drive through. Then again we drove through this really cool storm. We probably went through the Wyoming Zone and we in some mirror dimension for the time there.
    • *Whispering* Psst! Come a bit closer. I secretly think that real magic can not be done these days because the Illuminati (1) are coming to get and secure people who can do it. Probably they're secretly training 'em. Don't tell anyone. I'm practicing psi power and energy work myself and I expect them to ring at my door any .. moment .. now. If that happens I plan to state "Yo, mates! You're late, what took you so long?" (1) replace by other conspiracy-related secret organization as you like
    • I had a terrible night and too less sleep but working with my boyfriend together on a funny IT project just for fun cheers me up al lot. And it is a good moment to reremember how html5 and CSS was working. Did not take a look at it for 18 month or so and forgot almost everything ^^ยฐ
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