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    • Last friday I was on the way back from my business trip. Actually planned to take the 8:13 train from Gdansk to Germany. So I have a nice breakfast in the hotel, check out, proceed to the train station and wait there. Completely fine, totally on time, relaxed. Then I look into my purse aand... um, hang on. Where is my BahnCard, and my EC cash card? And didn't I have more money? And then it struck me. Dang, I forgot the stuff in the hotel room's save! And I knew I was in deep trouble. If I returned to the hotel, I'd miss my train connection and I didn't know if there'd be another one that day. This is a time where interesting mind things happen in quick succession. In the moment you realize, there is pure shock. From 0 to 100 in a millisecond. That takes about 1 second. Next thing that kicks in is some kind of panic, the feeling that you've made a grave mistake that will radically change what was taken for granted and planned before. The feeling that you don't know what to do and your mind goes "oooh f*ck!". At the same time, I got angry at myself. Then, after just a few seconds a kind of emergency rationality kicked in which checks and tries to assess possible options. This happens nearly at once when somebody else made the mistake, but takes a while when I make it myself. Taking a quick decision on what to do next usually takes 10 to 60 seconds. Next, there is more anger and anxiety. Anger about myself because I did something that must never happen, anxiety because I don't know what will happen and imagine the worst case... which doesn't feel good. Alas, I decided to pick up the stuff from the hotel. When I was done, I looked up train connections in the lobby and found two. Returning to the train station, I was still angry with myself but already felt quite relaxed again. Situation under control, options assessed, roughly knew how to continue. Things would work out. In the end it turned out I had to take a connection at 12:00. But it worked out fine, only cost me a few bucks for new reservations and loooots of patience. I arrived home about half an hour to midnight, 3.5 hours later than planned. Things like this happen extremely rarely for me. It's a mistake you only make once in your life, haha.
    • Same I also have Halloween it's an overrated Holliday you can buy candy cheaper on other days Science most practices are unnecessary Horror and super hero movies I laugh at how boring and cliche horror movies are
    • I like it cool and quiet, with a gentle breeze, or rain. Everyone I know hates the rain and always complains when it rains, but I enjoy it. I also prefer cold weather over hot weather. I hate it when it's hot outside.Β 
    • (she has a cast on now and can't really go anywhere. Her energy spikes whenever she should be down for the count so she keeps trying to escape. I've got it though, I've handled the dear before. She just had a less fragile form then.)
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