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  • Kinmunity welcomes academic research concerning the otherkin, fictionkin, therians, vampires, plural systems, and otherhearted communities. Academic researchers are welcome to browse through our library and cite articles (in accordance with their individual licenses) in their publications. Researchers are to create a user account on Kinmunity and browse the site; however, forum posts and any non-public content may not be used in publications without permission from the administration of Kinmunity. Researchers are also not permitted to solicit interviews or otherwise interact with our users without permission. 

    Permission to conduct interviews, interact with users, or use non-library content is fairly simple to obtain. Before contacting us, please make sure you have the following information ready:

    • The name of the university or high school you're a student at or affiliated with -OR- The name of the non-profit organization you are affiliated with.
    • A brief overview of your research, and an explanation of why you would like to conduct interviews via Kinmunity.
    • If your research is for a university; a completed Institutional Review Board (IRB) document from your institution explicitly stating you are able to conduct interviews of human subjects.
    • If your research is for a high school or non-profit organization, the name and contact information of your teacher, sponsor, or supervisor.
    • A statement indicating participant rights, including the right to remain anonymous and the right to withdraw from your study.
    • A statement indicating that you will abide by our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Site Guidelines at all times.

    Once you're able to provide the information listed above, please send a research request begin the process. 

    These rules are in place to protect our users and their privacy. As stated above, Kinmunity welcomes academic research, but we will always put our members first in all circumstances.

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