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  • Dysphoria; A Personal Transgender, Otherkin Perspective
    As someone else who has recently realized that they are transgender but not fully identifying with otherkin, I can confirm that it can be an...
  • Otherkin FAQ
    Ohhh okay! Thank you for letting me know! I totally understand now! Thank you again!
  • Otherkin FAQ
    Someone who claims they can physically shift, that is, transform their physical human body into the physical body of their kintype. Literally like...
  • Otherkin FAQ
    I know this is a bit old but can someone explain to me what a “p-shifter” is? ^^” Apologies for my uneducated self.
  • On Theriomythics, Divinity, and a Mythical Ternary
    I think about this because I feel kinda out of place sometimes. I only have the one kintype and its centered very squarely in what im coming to...

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  • Terminology & Lexicon
    5.00 star(s)
    Very educational for new community members!
    • Coy Boy
  • Terminology & Lexicon
    5.00 star(s)
    Helped us figure out that we are plural, as well as educating us on the terms of the Alterhuman...
    • Mephistophri
  • Common Biases
    5.00 star(s)
    Great info for introspection w/ examples.
    • SoothsayerSasha
There are nearly an infinite number of personal spiritual beliefs that are held worldwide to this day. Although personal spiritual beliefs are highly subjective and personal, the rules are hardly “anything goes” when it comes to spiritual Otherkinity. Otherkinity is characterized by identifying as non-human on a deeply personal and integral level in a non-physical sense. Most Otherkin generally share the same kinds of basic experiences. It is not so much the “what” of our experiences that...
An otherkin is someone who, on an integral, non-physical level, identifies as non-human. Psychological otherkinity is for those who believe that the cause of their experiences is partially or wholly the result of psychological or neurological phenomenon. “Psychology” refers to the study of the mind, whereas “neurology” refers to the study of the physical brain. Currently, there are no widespread psychological or neurological studies about non-human identity. Therefore psychological...
Preface: This article provides background information to the Multiverse of Minds hypothesis. If you'd like additional sources to be reviewed, please comment. I'll try to take a look at them, but it might need some time. Motivation and Scope Considering oneself fictionkin, e.g. being member of the dragon species which has been reported by cultures all over the world, but was never actually proven to have existed, calls for an explanation model other than the concept of reincarnation. One...
Note: This article was originally written by former Kinmunity member "Spiritual Hunters". Multiplicity is a very complex situation for anyone involved and it can get very confusing to those who don’t know what they’re looking at. This is a very basic guide to understanding Plurals. So what is Multiplicity? Multiplicity is the state in which a person shares their body with another being/soul/headmate etc. There are many names for what people call those beings that they share their body...
As the Otherkin community continues to grow the term is shaped and warped to encompass everyone and is often misinterpreted. A ‘movement’ that is gaining momentum now is trying to change the definition of Otherkin to encompass those who have strong feelings towards, or relate well with non-human beings. This thought process most likely comes from the lack of knowledge of a term that already exists for those who strongly relate to non-human beings. To fully understand these terms and their...
So you are trying to discover your kintype. Questions regarding this topic are exceedingly common in the Otherkin community among new and old members alike. Maybe you have recently awakened as an Otherkin and are still trying to find your way. Or, perhaps you have been here for a while but are feeling uncertainty concerning some aspects of your identity. Some people take longer than others to fully recognize their kintype, so rest assured, you are not alone. Whatever your reasoning may be...
Note: This article was originally written by former Kinmunity member "Ashenfall". In my time in the community I have seen many common misconceptions younger and newer members have fallen into through confusion and uncertainty. I could perhaps write a huge article on so many of these, but I've decided to settle on just one for this small piece and that is a misconception that has cropped up pretty often. Many people, especially (but certainly not exclusively) those coming from social media...
Otherkin are people who identify as nonhuman on an integral and personal level. What otherkin specifically identify as can vary greatly, though animal-identified people (called specifically therians for Earth animals or animalkin for animals in general) are some of the most common. Less common, but still off and on seen in the otherkin communities are plant-identified people. They are people who identify as a living organism that gains energy through photosynthesis which exists or once...
Note: This article was originally written by former Kinmunity member "Ashenfall". Shifting is an integral part of being otherkin/fictionkin to a large portion of the communities. Though certainly not essential to consider oneself otherkin or fictionkin, you’d be hard pressed to find a place where it isn’t mentioned or discussed in some form. In this article I will attempt to go into detail about the various types of shifts often spoken about in the community, in a bid to educate and...
Introduction The term "copinglink" (c'link for short) was coined fairly recently by a member of the Tumblr otherkin community. The term is officially defined as such: Why was this term created? In recent years there has been a rising trend in the idea of using a non-human or fictional identity as a means for coping. The term copinglink was created to replace the term "copingkin", which was a bit of a misnomer since it contained the word "kin" when copinglinkers are generally not seen as...