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Experiences & Reflections

  1. A perspective on the nature of angels

    What is an angel? There are no easy answers; as with most things relating to spiritual matters, there are a wide variety of beliefs and interpretations. Ask three metaphysical students what an angel is – and get at least five distinct answers.
  2. Dragons and the Matter of Truth

    An article concerning the subject of dragons, dragonkin, and the matter of truth.
  3. Experience as a Rare Kintype

    Rare Kintypes A rare kintype, for the purpose of this article, is a kintype that's held by very few other people. A rare kintype is rare because it may be obscure, seen as undesirable, or, rarely, simply unusual. Obscure kintypes are not well propogated, so it will take some effort to even find out its existence, and undesirable kintypes will take a lot of effort to eventually accept. Rare kintypes can be daunting to have sometimes, as there is little or no people to help verify that you're...