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Experience as a Rare Kintype

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    Rare Kintypes

    A rare kintype, for the purpose of this article, is a kintype that's held by very few other people. A rare kintype is rare because it may be obscure, seen as undesirable, or, rarely, simply unusual. Obscure kintypes are not well propogated, so it will take some effort to even find out its existence, and undesirable kintypes will take a lot of effort to eventually accept. Rare kintypes can be daunting to have sometimes, as there is little or no people to help verify that you're going on the right track, so you'll usually have to figure it out on your own.

    Awakening as a Rare

    The awakening process can be somewhat harder for someone who is of a rare kintype than someone who's kintype is pretty common. Awakening may even feel uneventful, which may lead to doubts. While most of awakening is a process that you yourself have to do, people with rare kintypes don't have the luxury of being able to share their experiences with someone who is of the same kintype as them, so they are effectively on their own in that respect. They can, however, check other people's awakening stories to make sure that they aren't terribly off though.

    Even figuring out you have a rare kintype is pretty hard, since as a newbie you'll likely be biased toward common kintypes, and likely identify as either common kintypes or uncommon kintypes you personally would want to be. Rare kintypes are rarely considered, so therefore looking deeply is very important if you could potentially have one. Introspection is the most important thing for awakening, regardless of what you could potentially be.

    Research is especially important for people with rare kintypes, since most of your info will come from research. Research is even how most people figure out they have a rare kintype! Meditation and past life memories can help you as well, and potentially solidify your kintype. Be aware that it is possible to misidentify as a rare kintype.

    Kin Experience as a Rare

    As a rare kintype, shifts will still occur, however the details of your shifting might be seen as unusual. Species dysphoria can be harder than normal to quell as a person with a rare kintype, and not having similar people can be a problem if kin experiences are really getting you down. It is possible to cope and be resilient. Even then, your kin quirks are not likely to be reciprocated.

    Community Experience as a Rare

    As a rare kintype, your experience in the community will be an interesting one. You'll more than likely be asked how you found your kintype. Be honest, and don't try to fabricate info that you think will be seen as favorable. Once people accept you, you'll likely be seen normally. Rare kintypes tend to be well accepted in the community if there's nothing glaringly wrong.

    Places like Tumblr should be avoided at all costs. It's better to be in a community where questioning is accepted as part of being a member, and as a person with a rare kintype, questioning could potentially allow you to grow in your identity, while being in a place where everyone is accepted without question could eventually damage your concept of otherkin, and even your credibility. If you lack credibility, you will not be accepted, plain and simple, so therefore your credibility is precious.

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