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Guide to Meditation

By Duvainor, May 7, 2016 | Updated: Jul 24, 2016 | |
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    What is Meditation?

    Meditation is a journey into the unknown and into the mind. It can help relieve stress, help with chronic pain, can make you sleep better, feel happier, be more peaceful, as well as be more present and discover more about one’s self.

    Some Otherkin / Therians use meditation to get answers about their past lives/kintypes and unlock secrets that their brain has locked away from them. Since meditation is a wide subject and others can experience it differently, I will be touching the surface of this and teaching how you can try it for yourself. You can also be “Awakened” while meditating for the first time, this happened to me and how I discovered I was Otherkin.

    The easiest form of meditation is “Guided Meditation” where a speaker is guiding you through your mind or helps you focus on what you’re using meditation for. A lot of the time you can find these guided meditations on Youtube and most people starting with meditation will use these to get used to the feel of what meditation has to offer. After awhile you can depart from these and try it for yourself.

    Guide to Meditation

    I will be giving you a guide on what I use while meditating, this works every time for me as long as I can remain relaxed. It’s simple and it can be used in different ways, it all depends on the comfortability of the person trying this. A lot of my meditation is based around reincarnation but can be modified for those who just want to find out more.

    One of the best things to do before starting to meditate is to relax your mind, better yet take a good 30 minutes beforehand to get all of the negative thoughts off your mind, do something that relaxes you before laying down to get completely relaxed. To be completely relaxed is whenboth your mind and your body is at peace and you will be able to let go easier. When you’re completely relaxed, most of the time it will feel like something warm is weighted on your body or like your body is feeling gentle vibrations.

    To get started after being completely relaxed is to imagine yourself in a calming and peaceful place to you. This could be by a stream or anywhere of your choosing, you will have to imagine all of the sounds by that stream or place, it could be the rustling of leaves in the trees next to the stream or the stream itself, trickling water through the rocks. After this, you can imagine yourself laying someplace- when you know that you are completely fine with lying there, you can get up and head towards a “doorway” or entrance to another place. Imagine a tunnel after opening that entrance or “doorway” then walk through it. Make a countdown for yourself, probably 10 seconds to remain as relaxed as you can, when you get to the end of the tunnel there will be another door. After you open that door, light will flood in… you have arrived “there”.

    Being “there” is basically a “name” of the place that you want to be to find out more knowledge. You could be reliving a memory, you could have complete control over your body as your kintype, or you could be from a third person view and watching a memory that happened. This part of the process is different for everyone.

    After you finish reliving or watching a memory, maybe even spending time as your kintype. You will have to leave. To do this, imagine the same doorway and walk through the tunnel again. When you reach the end of the tunnel and out the doorway you came in. Open your eyes.

    Personal Experience

    When I finish, I feel like I’m extremely pleased that I know more than when I started the session, even after a bad memory. Sometimes when reliving a bad memory you will want to pull yourself out of the meditation quickly, this can happen and it’s okay to jump out of bed. I’ve had it happen to me once.


    Getting the right answers takes a while and it’s best not to rush them. The answers will come spilling out at some point so don’t get frustrated, give it a few times. Another thing to remember is that it takes awhile to get used to meditating so if you can’t do it the first time, try it again. “Practice makes perfect.”

    If these examples of meditation do not work for you, look around and discover more types that you are comfortable with.

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