Unsafe Resources Overview

This article supplements an official policy, and is considered an official statement by the administration of Kinmunity.

In the interests of keeping members of the alterhuman community safe and free from harm, Kinmunity maintains a listing of resources that our community management team deem unsafe for use. Unsafe resources may not be linked to or promoted in any way on Kinmunity, and are asked to not use, reproduce, or link to our site in any way. Unsafe resources are not eligible for our ambassador program. There are multiple reasons a resource may be deemed unsafe by our community management team. The primary reasons for listing a resource in this list are as follows:
  • INACCURACY - The resource promotes information about alterhumanity, the alterhuman community, or related communities that is widely known to be inaccurate.
  • SAFETY - The resource promotes information which may be harmful to minors, animals, or vulnerable adults OR the resource is owned by an individual known to cause harm to these groups.
  • SECURITY - The resource is insecure and its use may harm your computer or potentially lead to exposure of confidential information.
  • PRIVACY - The resource does not respect user privacy.
  • OTHER - The resource does not fit any other inclusion categories.
Whenever possible, listings will be supplemented with information on why they are included, as well as applicable evidence of any allegations.