Shifting is a change of state. More specifically, it is when a therianthrope’s “becomes” more like their Theriotype. For your reference, some of the most common types of shifts and their definition are below. Along with a key indicated how accepted they are in the community.
  • (M)ental Shift – Where you take on the mentality of your theriotype.
  • (S)piritual Shift – When your Aura, Astral body, or spiritual self takes the shape of your theriotype.
  • (Se)nsory Shift – A shift in which the shifter experiences a state of perceived heightened or reduced sense of awareness often in-line with their theriotype; eg. wolves may claim better sense of smell, etc
  • (A)ura Shift – A shift where your Aura (specifically) takes the shape of your theriotype.
  • (As)tral Shifting – A shift that takes place in the astral plane.
  • (D)ream Shifting – A shift into your theriotype while dreaming, commonly thought to be another type of Astral Shifting.
  • (Ph)antom Shifting – A shift in which you feel a “phantom limb” sensation; you may feel ears and a tail, or paws instead of hands, for example.
  • (Bi)location shifting – A shift in which your theriotype leaves your “human” body and materializes elsewhere. Very similar to an “out of body experience”, but instead of the “spirit body” being your human body, it is the body of your theriotype.
  • (P)hysical Shifting – Literally, physically “changing” into your theriotype in the real world.
Green: Generally accepted.
Orange: Controversy over this type of shifting exists within the community.
Red: Generally rejected and/or believed to be impossible.