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  1. the EDC is my Home. i have been wanting to go to this rave since i was 12-13, and this past weekend, i finally went. i had always seen pictures and video clips after it was over, but i never got to experience it firsthand myself.
    i stepped onto another plane of existence that night, and the night after, and the night after that.

    i am a small galaxy, clustered and surrounded by other galaxies, moving and swaying and reveling in the lights and sounds of space from the stages, giggling in exhilaration with the circular motions of the carnival rides, spinning on the dancefloor with other ravers, giving each other pieces and glimpses of our true souls.

    i am an angel, and my wings, which have refused to show themselves except in dreams and dream-states, have completely unfurled and move freely to the heavenly sounds to grace my ears, and i am crying, crying in joy and ecstasy as i look upon the face of the DJ on the stage above me, one of many who have had a part in Saving me from my mortal demons, the sky above me peppered with fireworks and lasers, an open sky for me to fly through in a dance meant only for my God.

    i am a tiger, prowling and dancing along my new grounds, moved by the music that surrounds and envelops me, gliding through the herd to rest by neon trees and glowing daisies, lights that dance along my coat to make me look as beutiful and as powerful as i feel, i am dancing with countless other animals, predator and prey from all walks of life, all safe and secure around each other, all moving to the beat of the drum & bass.

    and hours later, i greet the sun, as my false form takes hold once again, and exhaustion sets in as i trudge my heavy body to the shuttles that bring me back to the hotel to sleep, as i will awake, tired and sore, to experience this again until i must leave, along with the other beautiful people i have seen on these nights.