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  1. I had a wolf shift while I was hiking today. It was incredibly strong, considering that I'm not a wolf therian. At least, I don't think I am. I was looking around at the sort of fog a bunch of bare gray trees together makes, and something about the smell of leaves flipped some sort of switch in me. I kept walking, but being bipedal started to feel really weird. I wanted nothing more than to put my hand/paws on the ground and feel something underneath them. I was able to stimulate the feel of walking on all fours by touching trees and rocks on the side of the trail. Now, I have felt like this during dragon shifts, but what made this weird was the phantom ears. When I get dragon ears, they're small and usually come with horns, but these were fuzzy and triangular. I also got the urge to run, along with a bit of a prey drive. I guess this isn't enough to call it a wolf shift for sure, but I have a feeling. Either way, it's probably just a cameo shift.
  2. So I had an excuse to shift in public last Sunday. My church is well-known in our town for being full of hippies/communists, so I (despite being mostly pagan) feel comfortable there. For the past few weeks, the sermons have been about the stereotypical prophet, an old dude in a white robe with a staff, and how actual prophets aren't always like that. Two weeks ago, they talked about how children, women, and people of color can be prophets. Last week, they went even further and said nonhuman beings could be prophets. To reinforce this, we all went outside and ~communed with nature~ for ten minutes, then wrote down what we would say to mankind from the perspective of a nonhuman. Obviously, this was no problem for me! After lying down in the grass and shifting for a while, I felt a whole lot better about myself, even though I didn't have much to say. So, there ya go, that's the story. :)
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