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  1. I have been utterly puzzled by my identity lately. I keep wishing there was more information on a larger variety of species of Dromaeosaurs, as I find that would be the most helpful thing for me determining what I am.
    There is another thing that is combining with my Dromaeosaur frustration lately and that is the possibility of being polykin. I can't tell if this is just an exeedingly awful moment of doubt, or if I seriously need to re-evaluate myself. Am I feeling these things because I have come across so many polykin- all of species I really wished I was and have always acted like? Does my brain just naturally want me to be polykin, because I wish I could fly, can vividly feel myself flying at moments, and behave like certain animals under certain conditions? Of course I cannot be polykin just for those reasons alone.. if acting like an animal and having strong urges to fly dictated a kintype, I would be many, many things. I am very aware of this fact, and yet, why would this be bothering me so much if it was nothing? I need time, patience, and self evaluation right now to figure out what is going on with me, and what is going on with my brain.. I need to figure out what is real and fake, because everything feels so jumbled and frustrated right now..