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  1. Dident know what to call this blog but basically its like this:
    I had to take time off to find out what changed about my kin-type

    Don't know if this means i have to make a whole new letter of introduction to the forums or not but you can let me know.

    Turns out...i'm apparently a cybernetic...creature...thingy.

    Yeah, no werewolf, no phoenix, barely dragon save for blood. So, yeah, i'm a Cyborg...i think, hard to say, but im not an android as my kin- is still more creature than machine.

    Apparently my shifts also account for something else too, but ill elaborate on it later, lately i've been dealing with headaches, frustrations, and quite abit of anger.
  2. I want to take this time to just, let people know.

    Don't ignore your human body.

    I know you probably hate it and want to get rid of it, i know the feeling. But i'm around the age of 30 and i'm realizing something; its the only body you get in this plane. Sounds simple; Not easy to grasp.

    I'm thinking i need to do some changing of perspective.
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  3. I don't consider myself a "Master" or anything to otherkin because, lets face it, I have mentioned many a time that i've been self taught much of this.

    But i feel that i've have achieved a state of "Full self realization."

    What do i mean? Well, that i finally learned all i can about my otherkin self.

    Her past, her state of mind, her feelings, her thoughts...they are now mine and...well, they are all mine now. It's finally understanding what it all means.

    Dose this make me any better? Pppph, NO, of-course not. It just means one thing for me; I can stop looking into my past with questions.

    You may be wondering about how that can mean i'm still an otherkin if i know everything now. Well, being an otherkin isent just about looking into ones past after all. Its clear that its about being something other than ones human side. All this means is that i now have my answers, means i can help others with their identity by giving advice, tips, maybe other ways.

    In truth, maybe its good that i found myself. I spent over 15 years looking for who i am...that's a long time to spend looking for your spiritual self...a long time i could have used looking for other; love, happiness, friends, success...

    I still may have questions that are still left unanswered, but i still don't know everything, nor should i really, my brain cant hold such info like that. I'm not a master and never will be. I'm just like everyone else, all this means is that i can stop looking at the past and look more to my future.