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  1. I usually check up on forums, including KM, regularly, at least once daily, and in some cases, every two or three days. But if something happens in my life that makes me break that cycle, I'm left with a barrage of unread posts. I don't have enough time to read all of them, which only makes more and more build up. Eventually, I'm left with a lot of stuff that's almost impossible for me to catch up with. Hence the name I like to call this - Ketchup Syndrome. Sure, I could just mark everything as read, but that makes me feel like I might have missed out on something, like maybe there's a thread I could have posted a good reply to. So I just end up feeling out of the loop, stressed, burdened. I'm not even sure what the right words to describe this are. That's why I just call it Ketchup Syndrome. And because it sounds funny, too - lets me forget about all the stress and negative feelings associated with it.