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  1. I just haven't been on here much and I don't know what to say here. I miss being here but I don't know what to say when I log on. I hope I'll be more active during the summer.
  2. Today I was shopping for dinner in the grocery store and I really wanted chicken nuggets. Upon finding the chicken nuggets, my tail began to wag. I felt it so strongly that I literally had to turn around and check to see if my tail really was there or not. It was a really good feeling.
  3. @rayya122 inspired me to make a Youtube video but I'm not sure what to talk about! I'm not sure what to talk about. Being otherkin? Becoming multiple? Both? What are y'alls opinions on this?
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  4. Lam is turning into a Tulpa/thoughtform, I'm pretty sure of it. He's really becoming his own being. He really wants to talk a little in this entry, so I guess I'll let him.

    Hey, to whoever sees this!! I'm Lam. This is pretty strange. I've never spoken before or put my thoughts down somewhere. I'm not completely sure what to say. Should I introduce myself? I'm somewhat formless right now, but Natalya and I are talking over about the form I'm planning on taking. I'm male and I use he/him pronouns and maybe they/them pronouns. I like video games, sci-fi books, and thriller stories. I'll figure out more of what I like soon enough. I hope I can talk to more people on here. That's all I can think of to say.
  5. He's been teasing me a lot since he first started talking, but things are going well. Last night when I was picking out clothes to wear to school I said "Lam, what should I wear to school tomorrow?" he in return said, "I don't know, I'm not you." I responded with, "but you basically are." And we laughed. Or I laughed. I don't know, it was funny. He's been going around asking me to say hi to all my friends, but it's kinda weird trying to tell your friends that the voice inside your head says hello. We're still figuring things out. I'm happy with him currently.
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  6. Well, he has a name, and a gender. His name is Meshulam, but I think I'll just call him Lam or Lamy. I'll make him deal with that. He's also told me he is not an Arctic Wolf, he's a Jindo. Makes sense, considering that I love Jindo dogs. He's kinda bossy and he's really talkative. Similar to me, of course. I like Meshulam a lot.
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  7. I don't know her name yet. I like the name Leor but she doesn't seem to think that's good enough for her. We'll work it out. It's kinda weird because she's always been there and I never really thought to talk to her. She told me she likes to change forms but currently she's an Arctic Wolf. I can't see her completely yet in my mind's eye, but she's white, fluffy, and muscular. I need to go find a better name for her. I'm thinking something Latin or Yiddish, that sounds strong. She really seems to like that idea. But I want to give her a cute nickname, she'll just have to deal with that part.

    Update: They can't decide if they want to be male or female.
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