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  1. I made a previous entry about questioning coyote, or coyote/wolf ("coywolf") hybrid. I've concluded that coyote is not the case. I concluded that a long time ago, but, I've ruled it out once more. I've been looking into hyenas and aardwolves. I'm doing research on them at the moment, and will also be doing some self searching and meditation later. Just putting it here to keep a log on it. Ciao for now, and apologies for my inactivity. I'm, obviously going through something regarding my therian identity and prefer to keep away from therian social media when doing so, unless it holds something of valuable information. Bye-bye!! -Dae
  2. I'm still a bit shaky on my theriotype. I'm sure a lot of wolves are, and even though I've grilled myself, studied every aspect and meditated on it lots, I still get that "but maybe" feeling.

    Lately I've been feeling more "but maybe" than not. One thing I've really got stuck in my head is coyote. A strong sense of coyote, but wolf still there. Don't get me wrong, I know most therians have more than one theriotype but the idea of having two differing species identities scares me a bit. The wolf I've seen myself as is very pale with black and brown areas, which greatly resembles a coyote in the first place. But my phantom or Astral or whatever it's called, my wolf body, it's felt too big to be a coyote y'know? Maybe some kind of northern timber wolf/coyote hybrid. I'm not sure, but I think the hybrid situation could be the case.

    I'll have to meditate on it, and do some studies on coyote wolf hybrids. Hopefully I'll have it all figured out soon... I'll be a lot more at peace with myself when I do. So wish me luck, maybe I have a second identity as a coyote. Maybe I'm a wolf/coyote hybrid. I'm reaching towards the ladder, but I won't know for sure until I've done some more researching and self-searching. Ciao!!
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  3. I've been gone from the forums for quite a while now. Mostly due to school holding my attention as well as a need to get away from the community and be on my own in aspects of my identity. But, I may be coming back! At least, I plan to. I want to be active on these forums again but my nerves might get the best of me.

    I also bring a few personal updates.
    I'e finally stepped away from just studying and have started properly practicing witchcraft, which is a very calming and helpful craft for me personally! My eighteenth birthday has gone and past last month, and that said I'm finally working on getting my drivers license. On an odd coincidence, my puppy has also turned one as of last month, around my own birthday, and one my birthday was also celebrated the bringing-home anniversary of pluto, who turned one in august. Lots of aging.

    Well, hopefully I'll be seen around the forums more. Ciao!
  4. Does anyone else get moments where language just.. Goes away for a moment...

    It's always happened with me but it's been occurring more and more often.

    I'll be sitting with a friend and go to say something and without any reason it comes out as incomprehensible nonsense. Mostly it'll take me a moment to realize I'm not using words and i'll apologize and actually say what I meant, but sometimes the people around me have to tell me I'm not actually talking for me to notice.

    So, that said, does this happen to anyone else a lot? When I say it happens to me often, I mean almost everyday by now. It didn't used to be this bad.
  5. She wasn't in the back yard, I thought my brother had left the gate open again, I thought she ran off.

    I spent and hour running around in the middle of the night yelling my dog's name, so many people helped look. I am tired, my back hurts, I was prepared to sit on the porch all night in case I didn't find her and she came home. I went around five blocks, down to the park, through many ally ways. One guy went out in his car, he told other people to look, I ran across so many others who were asking me the same question I was asking, "Have you seen a german shepherd?"

    She was in the garage.
    I love my dogs.
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  6. And it was really great, I already feel better about the day, which is why I'm making a little blog entry about it.. I'm bad at remembering dreams as a whole, and only tend to recall bits and pieces, but I'll try to bring up some parts of the dream!

    I don't remember how the dream began, I remember, I was in a pine forest. There was a field nearby, and mountains in the distance, and I was running out of the forest and into the field. It was very snowy, I could feel my paws, my toes spread out while walking over the layer of snow on the field. I remember being alone, and jumping around and running through the snow. Don't remember much else, except there was a lake or a river, some sorta body of water.

    Like I said before I'm bad at remembering my dreams, and hardly dream a lot in the first place. I just feel really good about it :happyblush That's all I guess.. I'll leave the comments for this on, but I'm sorry to say that it's very early, I'm still a bit groggy and you won't get an answer until I'm fully awake and ready to answer things~
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