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  1. Does anyone else get moments where language just.. Goes away for a moment...

    It's always happened with me but it's been occurring more and more often.

    I'll be sitting with a friend and go to say something and without any reason it comes out as incomprehensible nonsense. Mostly it'll take me a moment to realize I'm not using words and i'll apologize and actually say what I meant, but sometimes the people around me have to tell me I'm not actually talking for me to notice.

    So, that said, does this happen to anyone else a lot? When I say it happens to me often, I mean almost everyday by now. It didn't used to be this bad.
  2. She wasn't in the back yard, I thought my brother had left the gate open again, I thought she ran off.

    I spent and hour running around in the middle of the night yelling my dog's name, so many people helped look. I am tired, my back hurts, I was prepared to sit on the porch all night in case I didn't find her and she came home. I went around five blocks, down to the park, through many ally ways. One guy went out in his car, he told other people to look, I ran across so many others who were asking me the same question I was asking, "Have you seen a german shepherd?"

    She was in the garage.
    I love my dogs.
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  3. And it was really great, I already feel better about the day, which is why I'm making a little blog entry about it.. I'm bad at remembering dreams as a whole, and only tend to recall bits and pieces, but I'll try to bring up some parts of the dream!

    I don't remember how the dream began, I remember, I was in a pine forest. There was a field nearby, and mountains in the distance, and I was running out of the forest and into the field. It was very snowy, I could feel my paws, my toes spread out while walking over the layer of snow on the field. I remember being alone, and jumping around and running through the snow. Don't remember much else, except there was a lake or a river, some sorta body of water.

    Like I said before I'm bad at remembering my dreams, and hardly dream a lot in the first place. I just feel really good about it :happyblush That's all I guess.. I'll leave the comments for this on, but I'm sorry to say that it's very early, I'm still a bit groggy and you won't get an answer until I'm fully awake and ready to answer things~
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