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  1. I've had a great christmas, in Sweden it's celebrated the 24th, a friend of mine from England told me they celebrate the 25th.
    I find it quite interesting.
    I got some very nice stuff, my dad gave me a robotic vacuum cleaner, is it really spelled this way? That's odd..
    It's quite cute actually, it doesn't do the best job but it's great for dog owners who doesn't really enjoy cleaning every day.
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  2. I defeated the kahuna on second island.
    My team is very different.. I never thought I would play with these kind of pokemon.
    Machop - Macho
    Dartrix - Chibi
    Lycaroc midday form - Rex
    Tirtouga - Tidus
    Wimpod - Rolly (very difficult to train... urgh.)
    Mudbray - Timber

    I enjoy my team so far, Snorlax was replaced by Tirtouga, he didn't do too well in battles, but he sure did bring in some good cash with happy hour. :happyblush
  3. Been playing pokemon Sun, it arrived yesterday, finally! :1hearteyes:
    I completed the first island trial thingy and grand trial guy.
    The call for help function is really annoying, the spearow nightmare never ends!
    So far I've got Dartrix named Chibi, Machop named Macho (in game trade) and event Munchlax named Zappy.
    Machop was a great trade for the normal trial, his low sweep was quite powerful against the totem dude.
    I'm currently looking for Rockruff but it's a pain in the butt to find in ten carat hill, I planned on getting the day form but so far none of the pokemon I planned to capture is on my team. :coldsweat2:
    When Rowlet evolved I was like "NOOOO my cute owl!" it's not cute anymore.. :'( He can still be cute on the inside tho. :happyblush
  4. So sad... Poor little Popplio... This makes my heart break.. :'(
    "in your spotlight" from Trickywi, the star in the song is Popplio from Pokemon sun/moon.

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