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  1. The more I research the more I know.. Some of my stones are fake, makes me feel sad and frustrated.
    My grandmother sorted out the fake from the real before she gave them to me, some of them must have fooled her eye.
    Some of the stones "speak" to me, they have some sort of vibration but the fakes didn't, they never had a vibration, they are plastic and some stones are heated to look like another which makes the identification a lot harder.
    They all now got name tags and I've written down their properties in my book.
    Had to follow my intuition a lot for this, took me three days to complete this and still I don't feel my work is complete.
    Some people say tho that the "fake citrine" which is a heated amethyst to become yellow still has the properties of a real citrine, but logically for me. It's still an amethyst and therefore it has the properties if it, but some stones has different properties depending on the color, what would be the properties of a yellow amethyst?
  2. I think this dream I had a couple of days ago was worthy of being interpreted, it was interesting to me.
    It had very strong feelings with great symbolism.

    It started out with me at work, my job was toasting bread, I don't know if I had any customers tho.
    Later on in the dream I met a guy, he was kind and pushed me forward in life, like I can do better than this.
    I also met another guy, they looked almost like twins, this guy was mean and angry, he tried to stop me from changing my job to something better.
    This nice guy did a lot of things to prove to me that it's possible to do whatever you put your mind into, as long as you are willing to work for it.
    The mean guy wanted to prove him wrong.
    Near the end of the dream, the nice guy asked me why I'm not doing better in life.
    I told him that something is holding me back, he asked "what is it?"
    I answered "everything" , he answered back "just walk over everything."
    At the end, I was toasting bread in a basement, the mean guy came down to check on me, if I was doing my job, he grabbed me and pushed me down on the floor.

    What I think it means is, this situation I'm in feels overwhelming, I want to proceed in life more than anything but I feel that everything is holding me back.
    I fear the feeling of getting nowhere, it feels like I'm standing still in time, doomed to toast bread forever. I wish life was that easy, just fulfilling everything I put my mind into, but it's difficult making it happen.
    In the end when I was pushed down on the floor, that's the feeling I get when I know the day will come when I will be unemployed, I won't be able to study forever even if I want to.
  3. I've had a great christmas, in Sweden it's celebrated the 24th, a friend of mine from England told me they celebrate the 25th.
    I find it quite interesting.
    I got some very nice stuff, my dad gave me a robotic vacuum cleaner, is it really spelled this way? That's odd..
    It's quite cute actually, it doesn't do the best job but it's great for dog owners who doesn't really enjoy cleaning every day.
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  4. I defeated the kahuna on second island.
    My team is very different.. I never thought I would play with these kind of pokemon.
    Machop - Macho
    Dartrix - Chibi
    Lycaroc midday form - Rex
    Tirtouga - Tidus
    Wimpod - Rolly (very difficult to train... urgh.)
    Mudbray - Timber

    I enjoy my team so far, Snorlax was replaced by Tirtouga, he didn't do too well in battles, but he sure did bring in some good cash with happy hour. :happyblush
  5. Been playing pokemon Sun, it arrived yesterday, finally! :1hearteyes:
    I completed the first island trial thingy and grand trial guy.
    The call for help function is really annoying, the spearow nightmare never ends!
    So far I've got Dartrix named Chibi, Machop named Macho (in game trade) and event Munchlax named Zappy.
    Machop was a great trade for the normal trial, his low sweep was quite powerful against the totem dude.
    I'm currently looking for Rockruff but it's a pain in the butt to find in ten carat hill, I planned on getting the day form but so far none of the pokemon I planned to capture is on my team. :coldsweat2:
    When Rowlet evolved I was like "NOOOO my cute owl!" it's not cute anymore.. :'( He can still be cute on the inside tho. :happyblush
  6. So sad... Poor little Popplio... This makes my heart break.. :'(
    "in your spotlight" from Trickywi, the star in the song is Popplio from Pokemon sun/moon.

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