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  1. Since I love describing this memory, I'm going to write down every little facet I recall.

    I remember only one moment, though who knows how trees perceive things differently from beings that are more consciously aware of things. I know it can't have been more than 3 hours though, because of the sensation of the sun on my leaves.

    I know a few things:
    I was a deciduous tree, as evidenced by the layout of my branches and the leaves I distinctly remember rustling in the light breeze.
    I was an old tree, as evidenced by my size and sprawling branches/roots. I believe I was easily 100-200 years old, if not older.
    I believe I was on a hill, because some of my roots were deep in the ground and some of them were exposed to the air, but there wasn't that much elevation difference between the two
    I believe I was one of the few trees in the area because my roots were uninterrupted by any other large plants. There was definitely grass though, I remember their tiny roots interacting with the roots I had closer to the surface.
    The soil was good and I felt like a healthy old tree, and like I had always been healthy.
    It was probably a summer day because the sun had been in the clear sky for a few hours and due to the angle of light on my leaves I feel like it was starting to decline in the sky. Perhaps around 4-6pm?
    It wasn't too hot but I do remember the pressure of a body on top of my roots and resting against the lower bark of my trunk, so I'm pretty sure a person was lounging beneath the shade of my branches.
    It's a super pleasant memory. I had lived long enough and through enough seasons that I definitely appreciated the way the sun warmed my leaves and the way the wind felt.

    The last time I recalled this memory, as I was recalling the last fact I had a distinct flash of a bitter winter or a storm? Cold harsh winds lashed at my trunk and hurt me but it was a flash and I was likely in winter hibernation so it was a brief moment of discomfort to my tree consciousness.

    And I didn't perceive any of this physically, not at least with sight. I just recall the way my leaves changed position and the way the soil pressed on my roots and the way the sun felt, giving me energy I didn't have. It's such a unique and bizarre memory, but interesting imo.

    Living as a tree took me out of reincarnation for a while, and I doubt I've had any other lives besides this one, the tree life, and my original life. Could be possible that I have other lives that are unremembered, I know some of my headmates definitely do, but we'll see if I remember those~

  2. In my experiences there are 5 elements. The stereotypical four, Fire, Wind, Earth, and Water, but then also Spirit energy (henceforth referred to as akasha because that's how I was introduced to the concept).
    Each and every entity that dwells on this plane of existence (or any of the higher planes) has some sort of elemental affinity. It is most common for the four base elements, sometimes individuals even have a dual affinity. Affinities for 3+, opposite elements (Fire+Water/Earth+Wind), and affinities with Akasha are super rare.
    The affinity affects the sorts of magic that individual can perform, and may or may not be influenced by personality (it's similar to zodiac stuff where it might affect your personality or it might be affected by your personality, there's no real way to test it though). Single affinity individuals are the ones that can become most powerful in that element. Dual affinity are slightly less powerful within each element they are associated with, but they can influence two elements. Often times dual affinities are necessary for more complex magic such as weather influencing (which I have personally witnessed, so while I understand that it's a big claim I wouldn't be making it if I hadn't seen multiple people on multiple occasions do it) or certain types of healing.
    Individuals with an affinity for Akasha have mediocre skills in all of the elements. I myself have an affinity for Akasha, though not all of the headmates have that affinity. Maria is Fire, Lamentations is Earth, Kiki is probably Water, Lea is Fire...the only other that has the Akasha affinity is Jen, the person that drove this body (aka me until I had my own awakening) until the rest of the crew woke up. Which makes sense, since of course I would be most influenced by the person who was intertwined with myself for over a decade.

    These things are all separate from actual Elementals. While all beings have an elemental affinity, very few are the actual embodiments of the element at hand. I've interacted with wind and earth elementals primarily, as they're about the only ones that'll talk to me in any fashion (I'm still not totally sure if they're actually talking to me or if I'm just assuming what they are saying or if they're "talking" to me through impressions and I'm putting words to it....but I am certain they're real). Wind, Earth, Fire, and Water elementals are all the magical embodiment of their physical forms. Wind elementals, for example, are the embodiment of the kinetic energy that moves the air around...though perhaps a better name for them would be Air elementals since they are also the atmosphere itself. Earth elementals are the embodiment of a physical space of "untainted" land, though what they consider untainted is likely much different from what we consider untainted. I knew one that had a mass of space and he would travel throughout it, ended up getting cut off in a small lot when the town put a road through his territory.
    Fire and water elementals don't really talk to me, and I'm not good with manipulating those elements anyway. And I've never really encountered an akasha elemental though logically they would exist.

    Elementals that are now in a human body (elementalkin) might be able to take shape depending on what form their "soul" likes? Like, Maria and Elizabeth take the form of a rat and a field mouse yet they're not rodent therians, they've always been human. So while an elementalkin might be a fire elemental and have the kin form of a flaming salamander that might just be the form that their soul takes on like...the astral plane? I'm not sure. I do believe strongly that while there is often a strong correlation between soulshape and a kin's true form, that can't always be the case otherwise Maria and Elizabeth wouldn't have their rodent forms.

    Something I can do, however, is take the unformed akasha energy and make small elementals that can perform whatever task I ask of them. Of course metaphysical tasks are much easier to them (such as the snakelike elemental that I formed a few days ago that basically would just lay next to me pressed up against my back as I tried to fall asleep to help me relax and sleep since I've been having difficulties with sleep) but I suppose if the elemental was powerful enough it could do physical tasks. I have no idea as the stronger elementals take much more energy to form and I just straight up am not that skilled/powerful.
    I have tested their existence with a friend and she "felt" a small ferret-like one that I had created when it scampered onto her hand. I tested it by telling her to describe what she felt as I watched the elemental.

    Of course this is all based on my personal experiences! YMMV! Feel free to discuss some of the specifics in the comments (if that's a thing we can do?), as I am likely very biased towards the one perception that I was taught by an ex-bf.
  3. So a couple of years ago I was in a relationship with this guy (let's call him Tai). It was definitely a unique relationship, as he was just as kin as myself. The weirdest thing (and fluffiest) about us was that he was also a multiples system, and basically all of his headmates were "soulmates" to at least one of my headmates (The Twins and Lucius, Mikhael and Leeandra, Reyvin and Keeandra (they actually switched places, a story for another entry), Jen and Tai, and even Violet and Chriss). Each of them was their own unique entity, but they all had very detailed memories of who they had been before this life. The relationship ended up being emotionally abusive and after 3 years we cut it off, but a lot of what we talked about has stuck with me today.
    One of them was the claim that Tai was actually the first vampire, and had been reincarnating for hundreds if not thousands of years as himself, preserving most all of his memories. Perhaps he was not the actual first vampire, maybe he wasn't even one of the first vampires. But he claimed that he had turned Jen and that she was the first turned vampire. That that was a problem for the society they lived in, particularly the vampiric one. That after living together for a couple centuries as proper immortal vampires (since there was more magic back then that could support that sort of physical change) the society caught up to them and killed Jen. She only reincarnated twice, once as a tree (vivid memory for another post), and then this life as the original person before the rest of us woke up.

    The other thing that might be relevant is that I believe that Jen was part of a subspecies of human. Not Homo sapiens sapiens that we are all a part of today, but something else in the human genus. I don't know if it was a subspecies such as Homo sapiens neanderthalis or if it was its own species entirely. I don't think that particularly matters?
    But this other species of human was magically predisposed. I was told once that these were the people that built the mythical city of Atlantis, only to be consumed by their hubris and the sea. I don't know how much I believe that in particular, but I've seen other accounts of ancient magical technologically advanced humans here on this site that seem to be eerily similar to Jen's own accounts and memories.

    She herself has glimpses, flashes, of tattooed people in accordance to their element. She recalls her own tattoos as being "rhunic" with parallel lines and right angles, but also some soft tapered ends and curves in places. We think they might have been silvery? Which would align with the magical aptitude she brought to this body, and the connection to "akasha" as her main element (rather than one of the normal 4, Fyre, Earth, Wynd, and Water; some would call akasha spirit energy) which has always appeared as something silvery to us.

    I guess I'm writing this to sort of...have other people look at it and analyze it? I know how absurd it sounds, so know that I'm telling the truth as best I can remember it and understand.

    Thanks for reading <3
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