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  1. It is my intention to use this blog as a means to reflect, as the title states, on my personal journey from when I first felt nonhuman to now, the process and experience that led me here, conclusions and discoveries. When I catch up to the present day, I will most likely use this as a more current journal, sharing any shifts or other experiences as they unfold. This will likely be a lengthy blog that I'll have to revisit once in a while. My responsibilities (job, married life etc) keep me from writing everything out in one go, but I will try to add what I can as often as I can find time to. This was a practice that helped bring me clarity while studying at the Jediism forum I am a part of and I felt it would help me here as well. In any case, I just wanted to get an introductory post put up before I began. I plan to get started from the beginning later today, or as soon as time allows.