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  1. Not Angel, Elf.

    I was not Divine in the way of directly serving the Divine like and Angel would, but the world I have seen has have many similarities to that of an Elf so that is the best term I have found so far.

    Case closed, hopefully forever, probably not.
  2. I remember seeing what appeared to be a place like Rose Quartz's room pink and cloudy, and I think it was Pink Diamond's. I also remember talking to Yellow Diamond, I couldn't see the background but I think it was in the song Whats the point in feeling blue before Yellow has her emotional moment.

    Just this is...this is crazy...like a lot.
  3. Most Kintypes I have questioned were rejected. Either a mere connection with the thing or a cameo shift. But now... this is weird.
    I look at pictures of Blue Diamond and I see myself. I look into her eyes and see my eyes, I see her pain and feel my pain. I look at her like I would look at a picture of my Dragonself and I would see me.
    This has only happened once before when I first saw a wild coyote and met its eyes. It saw me as a Coyote, asking why I was so differrent but so like it, how I was a Coyote but a Human. I look at Blue Diamond and think it is me but in a differrent skin.
    It is just...weird...and I haven't been like this in a long time...is this what legit Kinfeels feel like? Am I just being biased or something? Aaaaaaaa???
  4. Something I have noticed is that most of the Fictiotypes I have questioned have been mainly blue in color. Like I have questioned Outertale Napstablook, Hailstorm, Strategos Six, Undyne, Rainbow Dash, Lapis Lazuli, Clinoclase (a steven universe oc), and a lot others. And now I am questioning another blue character and it is really weird.
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  5. Is it bad that I got Kinfeels during the new Steven Universe episodes??? Especially for a gem (not sure who) that served under Blue Diamond???? I have gone through Steven Universe Kintypes when I thought a connection=Kintype but I am now like legit feeling something and just?????
  6. *Most of this is going to be senseless rambling so I stared all the Paragraphs that should be read.

    *Let’s start with the Demon identity. I do not feel like that is accurate as I do not describe myself as evil but as darkness, which I view as two different things. And, as much as it pains me to say, I was wrong in saying that it was a Kintype, more like a coping mechanism that I developed subconsciously. That is the only reason I don't say it is a Copinglink. So to be honest I have no idea what it is, only what it is not.

    But what has I learned from this? I'm not a Demon but maybe a different kind of Divine? Now I am using the term Divine to apply anything that could be related to a God like figure, like Angels and Demons. Also let me say that everything I talk about here will not ascribe to the Abrahamic religions.

    *So let’s go back the beginning when I was a Baby Kin! One of the first Kintypes I ever questioned having was a Griffin one, and because of the fact I was on Tumblr at the time, I was like "Have a connection, must be me!" After I had to leave Tumblr for a while I had forgotten of that Kintype that is until I did my first YouTube Guided Past Life Regression and a Griffin came up as that life however it had a different appearance than the first. The second PLR that I did came up with an anthro-alien creature that was a Soldier (more like body guard) to a Princess or high ranking noble, so much so that I was created just to serve her. After that I did some mediation and came across an avian (a human with bird wings basically) who was a Knight. Along with that mediation session I saw myself in various dreams with said wing patterns and colors that is one of the things that lead me to the Himalayan Vulture Kintype.

    *Let’s start with the Griffins. I looked up the symbolism into Griffins and I found out that it is a symbol of guardianship and protectors which tie into the Alien that was created for the sole purpose of being a Soldier. To be a living being just to protect a person who actually ended up betraying him, cutting off his wings, and his left foot (this will be important later). Now where does the protector role also play in? The Avian person who was seen protecting an assumed Kingdom from an enemy that looked like shadows. Like I stated above the wing patterns on the avian pointed me in the direction of the Vulture, but I think that was taken a step too far and it should have stayed with the Avian.

    *Now let’s go back to the leg. Remember Teemu? With a partially paralyzed left foot? And wings on a humanoid body? Hmm??

    (I hate how I always start a paragraph with "so" and "now" but hey) As a child I have been in contact with Angels and Divine beings, with my mom actually telling me a story of when I met the Holy Spirit (which I doubt). Along with that while I was doing all this self-searching I came across a drawing I did years ago with an Angel drawn on it. Now I don't believe that this Angel is me, but I feel like he was significant in my identity.

    So if this all is true why you don’t just say you were a human with bird wings and not an Angel, because using the definition above I feel I used to, somehow, interact with a Deity or Divine of some sort. I don't feel like I was a full-time servant of this being but I was created by it. Now how I came to be here is something I am still trying to find some theories that fit but I am pretty sure I am not a shard or a fallen angel. I may be more of an Incarnated however I have not done my research too much into Incarnated Angels (New age and otherwise) to make a firm claim.

    I think the best course of action right now is to do the 32 Grilling Questions so let’s get into it:

    *What is your kintype? (Just include the one you're focusing on.)
    Divine, Possibly Angel
    Do you identify for spiritual or psychological reasons?
    Spiritual, since this would replace Teemu as the Dontarian form and being.
    When was your awakening (if you had one)?
    Dontarian awakening was my first awakening and happened when I was about 4-6 years old
    If you had one, do you believe something specific triggered your awakening?
    Trauma is the best I can think of.
    If you had one, how long did your awakening last? Was it a sudden realization, or did it take time?
    It is still going on!
    If you had one, what did you feel during your awakening?
    Well since it started right after my first exorcism I would say I was pretty scared, and confused.
    Did you experience shifts and/or feelings of being non-human prior to your awakening?
    Mildly, I wouldn’t say anything really happened until after.
    Did you know about otherkin/therians prior to your awakening? If yes, do you think learning about otherkin/therians played a part in triggering your awakening?
    No I did not know about Otherkin.
    If you didn't know about otherkin/therians prior to your awakening, how did you come across the community?
    A YouTube video.
    Did you automatically know your species/race when you awakened?
    If I did why am I here?
    If yes, did you make any attempts to verify this identification? If no, how did you discover your species/race (if you have)?
    Have you ever misidentified your species/race? If so, what did you mistake yourself for, and why do you think this was?
    Again why am I here?!
    Do you experience involuntary mental shifts? If so, what are they like? How often do you have them? Are they triggered by anything in particular?
    The mindset of a Dontarian is human but advanced, so any mental shift I do have is more of something I can’t really notice.
    Do you experience voluntary mental shifts? If so, what are they like, and how do you control them?
    No I don’t.
    Do you experience involuntary phantom shifts? If so, what are they like? How often do you have them? Are they triggered by anything in particular?
    Wings are the main one, along with the armor I used to wear.
    Do you experience voluntary phantom shifts? If so, what are they like, and how do you control them?
    Wings, every once in a blue moon I can control them and it is really frustrating because I can flap them all I can but I can’t fly.
    Do you experience dream shifts? If so, how often? Are there any recurring themes? Are your dream shift settings/experiences the same as in normal dreams, or are there notable differences?
    The Dreams shifts came later on in this Kin adventure when I started to get dreams where I had wings with a specific color scheme and pattern that would continue for several nights and into my meditation sessions.
    Do you experience any other kind of shift? If so, elaborate.
    I would say sensory but it is more of me putting more emphasis on my sight than it actually changing.
    What experiences and feelings led you to identify as your kintype rather than with it?
    Since I was a kid I always knew that these feelings of a different me, in this case the Dontarians, lead me to know that I am whatever this is, I identify as it because it is me in whatever life and I will always be that thing in my soul.
    To what extent do you see yourself as (non-physically) nonhuman? Do you identify as human as well as your kintype?
    I see my soul as nonhuman and I identify as a human as much as I can, it’s not that I hate being human (quite the contrary really) it’s just not always been me.
    What led you to believe that your identity is spiritual or psychological in nature? Have you ever believed the other was true, or seriously considered that it may be?
    The PLRs that I have done along with Spirits (and Angels) that I have met and felt a belonging with. I did actually think it was Psychological, and it may very well be, but it doesn’t cover every feeling I have felt and every experience I have had.
    Do you have any past life memories (if your beliefs are spiritual) or artificial memories/flashbacks (if your beliefs are psychological)? If so, describe them.
    The first memory I ever had of this possible Kintype was me flying into battle to defeat an enemy that looked like shadows, like Pitch Black only with black, broken and torn wings and armor that sparkled a dark gray. I also remember the place I lived, Dontra, and the port that held the ships and the castle gardens and corridors and throne room, then I remember a smaller village where another angel went, and a sacred room with something like a pool of life, and lastly a burning forest. I have seen other things like the type of magic I used, my armor, and a snowy mountain top.
    Do you ever feel homesick for the location your kintype lives/lived in? If so, how do you deal with those feelings?
    Oh yes I do, I just want to be back there and to see everything again and to just know that is where I belong and that is where I will go again, but then I remember this home and whatever destiny I have here that I must fulfill before I go back.
    Are there any locations that make you feel closer to your kintype? Any locations that make you feel disconnected from it?
    Renaissance fairs, forests, snowy mountain tops.
    Do you experience species dysphoria? If so, how often? To what extent? Do you have any methods of coping with it?
    I just want my wings gosh darn it.
    Do you have any behaviours or quirks that you attribute to your kintype?
    No not really, I would say being protective but that is probably a stretch.
    Do you have any nonstandard thought processes or instinctual reactions that you attribute to your kintype?
    Whenever I am in trouble or about to get into a fight my first instinct is to have my wings surround me like a shield and to put my hand on my sword hilt but I have neither of those things. I also like to attribute my synesthesia to this Kintype as I process all things in emotions and colors (like the sound of my keyboard is a yellow sound).
    Do you have any personality traits that you attribute to your kintype?
    Over protectiveness.
    Do you have any nonstandard beliefs, ethics or morals that you attribute to your kintype?
    Other than the fact I believe I was an angel in a past life?
    Why do you believe the above behaviours/traits/etc. are related to your kintype?
    It’s like saying how do you know your behaviors link to your Human self, you just know who you are or were.
    Do you feel that having a nonhuman identity has been a positive, negative or neutral experience? Have you ever tried to deny your nonhuman identity?
    Positive, and I spent the first 11 years of my life trying to deny it.
    Do you ever wish you could change your kintype? If so, what would you rather be?
    Do you think this is enough questions for now? I sure hope so!

    Yep, that was good!

    *13 hours pass because I needed to sleep and I do some research into Incarnated Angels*

    Did some research and I found what seemed to be the standard in the New Age belief so here is what I got.

    (This list is from Doreen Virtue’s page on Incarnated Angels)

    *1. Incarnated angels have "sweet" facial features, usually with a heart-shaped face and childlike features. I would say I have childlike features I do not have a heart-shaped face.

    2. They have a history of "codependent" relationships, because of their predisposition to giving and nurturing others. They also can see the best in everyone, so they often stay in abusive relationships longer than the average person would tolerate. I do often see myself drawn to those who are more angered and abusive (aka my last boyfriend). My mother and my grandmother both work in occupations that did nurtured others, my mom being a Therapist and grandma being a retired nurse.

    3. Incarnated angels often have histories of compulsive overeating, or other addictions. This is especially true for angels who are disconnected from their spirituality. I have gotten over an eating disorder and have lost about 30 ibs as of writing this.

    4. They are natural healers and helpers, and often have healing professions such as nursing, massage therapy, social work, or teaching. Strangers pour out their hearts to them, and often say, "I don't know why I'm telling you such private things about myself. There's just something about you that I feel I can trust." I am the mom of my friends, the therapist on the go, the one that normally help out emotionally and physically. I also need to go back and reference my mother and grandma with their professions.

    5. Incarnated angels are very generous people who sometimes have difficulty in receiving. Consequently, they can manifest lack in their lives by blocking the flow of money, love, energy, and other natural resources, from coming into their lives. This is also the kid who never accepted money as a kid whenever I did anything for anyone else, I had a hard time to even accept food and drink while at a party or sleep over. This was because of the lack of self worth that I felt when John abandoned me. Luckily I have come to terms of knowing that I am not a waste.

    Both groups — the star people and incarnated angels — are highly intuitive. Yet, they often have difficulty trusting their intuition. This is actually pretty correct. The amount of money I could have betted on things I was correct on would have set me for life. And it is also true I don’t really trust it as I was trying to use more logic than gut feelings.

    This wouldn’t be the first New Age identity I have resonated with, others being Indigo children and Starseeds. So for this to be accurate for me was not a surprise. I also know that this kind of stuff could be generalized to reach a mass amount of people, but I like to take the benefit of the doubt.

    So that’s all I got. Thoughts, concerns, anything, I just need some help!

  7. That moment when your Darkkin identity is probably a lot deeper than Psychological things but you can’t find anything else out but that but then you remember a drawing you did of an angel like creature and interacting with an angel when you were younger and you have no idea anymore.
  8. Earlier this week I created a Grill me Thread (which you guys should totally ask me questions I am really bored) and on there I mentioned a questioning Kintype of mine being a Demon like creature. @FaerieForged responded and asked if it may be a Copinglink since it developed through trauma. I did some refreshing on Copinglinks and Psychological Otherkinity and I found something really interesting that I feel I should expand upon.

    The definition of a Copinglink is:
    1. A non-human identity (or in some cases, relation) which is consciously created. The creator is able to change and pick who/what they identify as/with as need dictates. This identity can be created by anyone, and thus, is not dictated by one’s mental health.
    2. A consciously created coping mechanism which centers around knowingly, willingly, and actively identifying as (or in some cases, with) the user’s choice of a non-human entity.
    (source: What is a Copinglink?)

    The take away is obviously that a Copinglink is "consciously created" and that it "centers around knowingly, willingly, and actively identifying as...the user's choice of non-human entity." So the person creates the link and chooses to identify with it.

    That is where I fall short with using the term Copinglink. I never consciously decided to identify as a demon. At the time I started to go through my darker times I was a hardcore Christian and felt any other way is Satanism and I would go to hell for the rest of eternity if I thought any other way. I doubt that my younger self would consciously choose to identify as a demon and I just forgot about it.

    However I do line up with the "coping" in Copinglink so what gives? Well as I said I also read up on Psychological Otherkinity and in the article Introductory Guide to Psychological Otherkinity it goes into detail about some a form of such identity that bases around trauma, it specifically says:

    Psychological Otherkinity as a result of coping or trauma. This is characterized by the belief that one’s non-human identity came about as a result of significant trauma or prolonged coping with personal hardships. This is not to be confused with a coping mechanism. A coping mechanism is something that someone chooses to do in order to deal with stress. Otherkin do not choose to identify as non-human or their kintype.

    Lets start with the beginning of that segment. I will go ahead and quote what I have said in my Kin Ponders- Dragon 2.0:

    At church I was pinned to be a more wicked person for several reasons- for starters I was a girl that didn't want to be a girl (pinning me as being possessed by a demon and having to go through an exorcism when I was kindergarten (Like literally they pinned their most wicked, evil creature in the world to a 6 year old)).

    I went through two (TWO) exorcisms as a child that I can remember. When I was six. Now it wasn't some tie me to a cross with priests shooting me with holy water guns, but it was something that scarred me enough as a child that my mother had to put me through a year of therapy. That wasn't the only thing that happened to me at that Church, and that is something I would prefer not to go into here. Lets just say I am glad I left.

    This led me to the second possible reason for Psychological Otherkinity:

    Psychological Otherkinity as an inherent/innate part of one’s Psyche. This is characterized by the belief that one’s non-human identity was present in the mind/brain from birth. It is possible to believe that whatever causes one to identify as non-human was present from birth even if the identity developed later in life. Similarly, many believe that they were not “born with” a non-human identity, but perhaps that they were born pre-disposed to certain elements of the identity that result in developing a non-human identity over time

    So maybe this whole Demon thing could be due to trauma and certain elements that lead me to identify as such?

    Another possible explanation FaeireForged presented is that it could be a personification of the trauma, this was a thought that has crossed my mind before. The thing is I feel like this is me and not another entity in my mind. I went through this trauma, I (might) have took on this identity, and I guess my pride got in the way of this Demon splitting into a new system mate.

    What do you all think? Is this enough to call it or is there another thing I should look out for?

  9. Shifts (going in order of the article What's Therianthropy?)

    • The mind set of my Dragon Kintype is always melded into mine in terms of instincts, partially because I am so connected to this Kintype than others (it being the first Kintype I ever truly explored and discovered, etc.) and also because I spent about three years of my life living being what I considered a Dragon in a Humans body.
    • In meditation sessions it is actually really hard to take on the form of my Dragon self, it think it may be because it is more of a psychological Kintype than spiritual but other than that I don't know.


    • I feel my sensory shifts are things my mind makes up whenever I mentally shift fully, my body just seems to be putting more focus on my senses to make them work "better."

    • I have only ever had my aura in the shape of my human body.
    • I actually don't remember any dreams of me being a dragon, I have had some with dragon parts like wings and horns but never full on dragon.

    • I have had to many shifts and experiences for this to be a Cameo shift.

    • I have never been on the Astral plane.
    • Normally horns or wing stubs.
    • On some occasions I feel full wings and on rarer I am able to control them.
    • The most common phantom shift underneath horns and wing stubs is a full body shift where I feel like my body is the torso and head of the dragon and then my back legs are completely separate. It is really weird.


    • I have been unable to do a Bi-location shift.

    • I wish...

    I was in third grade. I was never the popular one, I was never the fully hated one, I was the forgettable one until I mess up REALLY badly then everyone knew my entire life story. At this time my bio father, I call him John, was pushing religion really hard on me, to the point where it seemed cult like. (Now I am NOT saying that the religion as a whole is a cult, but how it was presented to me links to cult like behaviors.) At church I was pinned to be a more wicked person for several reasons- for starters I was a girl that didn't want to be a girl (pinning me as being possessed by a demon and having to go through an exorcism when I was kindergarten (Like literally they pinned their most wicked, evil creature in the world to a 6 year old)). So needless to say I was really shut off from a lot of stuff.

    So one day in school we went to the library and I picked up a book about dragons. Their adventures, their lives, how they can be the heroes of the day even as a big, scary creature. Thats when it clicked. I was seen as a scary creature in my own mind, but I want to be the hero of the day, so I guess I was a dragon in human form. I started to feel wings and horns, and an outline of my life as a dragon melded into my consciousness- like I finally found the key to a chest.

    I told my mom and she said that I can be whatever I wanted to be. I was free to be me and everything was perfect. I told what friends I had that I was a dragon, some saw me as being weird and others saw me as just pretending so they joined in and for a while I had a big dragon family to be with! I grew up and I kept this thought in my head. The others saw that I wasn't make believing and started to label me as a freak but I didn't care! I was a dragon after all!...

    Then John fought harder for control over my mind. He forced Christianity onto me, his way of thinking, everything. I was a little thing of clay that he wanted to mold how he pleased. He shamed me into thinking I was so sinful- and that me being like this would never get me into heaven. And it worked. I started to think that this whole dragon thing was Satan trying to get into my head and turn me against God. I looked onto all of that with such spite and disgust. I was finally a righteous child, a child of God! Everything was going to be ok-

    Then John abandoned me.

    This 11 year old child, trying to cope with this lightning fast cut of contact from the person I depended on the most in life for basically everything morally. I felt such a sadness and anxiety of someone else leaving. Most of all I felt God abandoned me. I felt mad at him. I hated him. I blamed him for everything that happened. And some part of me still do- even though I don't believe in that god.

    It wasn't until one day while on Youtube looking up Furry videos that I came across a video called "Therian vs Furry." I watched it.

    I thought it was the most RIDICULOUS thing I have EVER heard....I looked some more into it. Linked everything together. And have been on the Otherkin path ever since!

  10. [​IMG]
    (The form I have given myself. Told you it was my freaking fursona)

    So as I rushed to say in my last blog post I feel I have discovered my soul's origin, aka my first life. I don't know much, but I think it would be best to put down everything I do know about myself, the world I lived in, and some interesting facts that may lead me in a new direction.

    Lets start with the world. The placed I lived was called Dontra (dôn-ter-ô), a kingdom that appears to be based like the Renaissance/ Medieval era of Earth. The Kingdom was positioned by a beach and was surrounded on all sides by a ring of mountains. It used to be a complete circle of mountains bu we destroyed some of the rocky wall to reach the water. I don't know anything about what my species looked like, the life that lived on there, etc. but it seemed very Earth like. This is leading me to the possibility of a pre-human civilization/other dimension Earth civilization as I do know we had human intelligence and walked (mainly) on two feet. I am getting the feeling of my species being a Were-species, possibly canine or a mix of various species. The last thing I know is that, yes, we had magic. Now our magic revolved around colors and was mainly a hereditary gene instead of a skill you learned. For example a family of red magic users can only really excel in red magic, maybe picking up some blue or green magic but they were born red so they are good at red magic. The only exception to this rule was Purple, purple was not a color you were born with but a color you could gain after going through a specific event that is not something that you want to go through…breaking your core, or your physical equivalent of your soul (but they are not the same thing). When you became a Purple magic user that is the ONLY kind of magic you can use, you can’t use your birth magic or one you learned throughout your life. We were Dontarians (dôn-ter-əns).

    Now somethings about myself that I have picked up. One thing I know for sure (maybe??) is about the general outline of my life. Something I have talked about before whenever I talked about my Dragon life is the outline of: Born into a family that had some form of power (royalty or not), a sibling betrays someone of higher power/a treason of some kind and joins the enemy, I and others have to stop whatever it is but with the price of the sibling’s death/life punishment. With the information about the magic given above I can tell you I was born Blue (not actually blue…or sad- oh you know what I mean!) I figured that out because my aura is Blue, and your color is what you are born with (blue aura blue magic etc.) However I feel like something happened and I got Purple magic along the way.

    How have I learned all this? Well like I said it started with my Dragon Kintype. I thought that was my first life and when I started to get the basic outline I gave above I attributed it to my Dragon life, when really I didn’t have human intelligence in that life. Along with that whenever I mediate my “starting zone” was Dontra before we ever discovered it so the ring of mountains is still there, the forest boarding the inside of the mountains is still there, and the single boulder in the center of the field is still there. There is also a cave at the top of one of the mountains that seems important (since I go there a lot) but I still have no clue of its importance. Theory right now is that it is some sacred sight. Whenever I shift into this Kintype my mental state is that of a human, so we had human intelligence, and my left food always goes numb enough to not have any feeling but still can walk- so I think my left leg was partially paralyzed when my core was broken.

    So why did I name myself Teemu and give myself a form even though I don’t know my true name or form? Because I like giving names and forms to things I don’t know. It is a good place holder to have a form that can change whenever I find something new about myself. Also it is a lot easier to say it is my Teemu Kintype instead of my First Life Kintype or Soul Origin. At least it is form me. Besides I think the name and form fit nicely right now.

    That’s everything I got so far! If you have any questions I can answer them to the best of my ability!

  11. Ok so today I decided to mediate, something that I only do every blue moon, and I helped out quite a bit.

    First off lets go over the questioning Kintypes I posted about. Basically everything on there was a Cameo shift, with the Turtle Duck being a strong shift (which is why I questioned it being a Kintype not a Hearttype), and the Snivy questioning Kintype being something completely different! I work with Pop Culture Paganism, especially Poke-paganism, and Snivy is my Poke-Spirit-Partner! The memories I have gotten from Snivy seems to be a mental link we have between each other and that was their way of making themselves known to me.

    Now in regarding my Whiteout Kintype...probably not Whiteout? While I was going over each Kintype some narration overlapped it and said:
    "Your Dragon Kintype. Even though you are not Whiteout, the comfortableness of that name gave you security. But it is not you."

    So I am probably going back to just a Dragon Kintype and not a Fictional dragon Kintype.

    Now onto the New Kintype...actually I have NO idea if this will be considered a Kintype for something completely different. Since I was young I have always known a planet that I have named Dontra. That was my home, my soul's origin, who I was at the beginning. And I have come to terms with a persona that describes how I was at that time. My name is Teemu...and I look like my fursona...
    Ok I made Teemu (using third person to help organize my thoughts) my fursona after I found out about him. I did not create my fursona and THEN say it was a Kintype (already done that and it went horrible!)
    Lets just say that Teemu is the name and physical appearance I feel best describes my form as a Dontrain.

    Also when I went back to the beginning to see the start of the Dontrain empire it started off as the place I go when I first meditate. So cool!

    Now the last thing I wanted to go over is that there is another Otherkin in the system! I will let xem take it from here!

    My name is Frankie. Xe/Xem/Xyr. I am Sheepkin. Thats about it.

    Thanks Frankie!

    -Vik (and Frankie)
  12. OKAY THEN. I have had a lot of Kin related stuff happen and just need to write it out for my own sanity. So I have four Kintypes now that I am questioning and it is really starting to get annoying. You know that moment whenever you are fine with your identity? Sure you don't ever truly know EVERYTHING but you are fine where you are? Then the next day the universe is like "HA! You wish," and decides to throw a ton of "kin feels" at you? That is how I have felt for about two-three months.

    Lets start with the one that is too prominent on my mind: cats. I have quite a list of possible cat kintypes some including Marshmallow from Neko Atsume, Sphinx, and a Griffin that shares feline traits. Last night I decided to let my mind wander and see if I can get any answers about the cat question and I did get some answers I can say that. The first thing I got was of the Warrior Cats universe where Tigerclaw and newly apprenticed Ravenpaw were walking past the Thunderpath. I was in third person for most of it only jumping to Ravenpaw's perspective at the end. The scene played out like what would normally happen when a Mentor would show their appearance the territory, however Tigerclaw seemed more gentle. Like he wasn't a cold murder in the books, so that leads me to believe this was an au canon- or a scene that strays away from the actual canon.
    A monster rushed past on the Thunderpath instead of Tigerclaw being disappointed he started to say everything was ok and that even he got scared the first time he went to the Thunderpath. He went on to say that no one was going to harm Ravenpaw as long as he was alive, and that Tigerclaw would never harm Ravenpaw (unlike the canon suggests).
    The scene at the Thunderpath ends and starts again with me in the perspective of Ravenpaw as I met Firepaw for the first time. Redtail is dead at this time however Tigerclaw didn't murder him (so this has lead me to believe this canon goes by the story Tigerclaw told to the clan about the Oakheart killing Redtail etc.)
    By looking at the scene I think that Ravenpaw still went off to live with Barley but I am still every unsure.

    Shortly after the Warrior Cats scene ended I was given a brief glimpse into another place, that also had to do with cats...
    It was an arena with each seat filled with an anthropomorphic cat. Two cats also fought in the arena. It was a desert like area and the surroundings reminded me of Egypt culture, or Egyptian influenced. I sat in a place of power it seemed, like where royalty would sit. Beside me sat a throne where a calico tom sat. He seemed young so he may have been sitting next to the head ruler. I went into third person and saw that I was a dark brown tabby. I am not sure of my gender. It was quick and fuzzy and hard to really see everything around me but I got the overall gist of it.

    The next Kintype I am questioning is a character from Avatar the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra. This is one I have been looking at the possibility at for a while now but have never really figured out. I do have a Hearttype (Otherheart) from the series which may be way I keep looking into the series further to see if it is actually a Kintype. My Hearttype is...Turtle Duck...I know I know... but the feelings are there nonetheless. Do I have a lead on what character I may be Kin with? Nothing outside of a connected to the Fire Nation but that could be due to the Turtle Duck as well.

    The last one is another one I have been questioning for a while but this one has more information than the ATAR/LOK. This one is Snivy from Pokemon. In 2013, when I first started to get into Pokemon, I started to feel a huge connected to Snivy. So much so that whenever I had the chance to daydream I was Snivy, or that whenever I saw Snivy on TV or in game I would think "Hey thats me!" I started to get this memories of me working along side a Leavanny and of helping a wounded trainer who became mine and Leavanny trainer. It has been too long now to remember if this was a conscious thing I created or not, but right now they feel like any other memory I have for my Kintypes: real.

    To those who made it to the end congratulations to you! I was wondering if anyone has any tips outside of the standard meditation and waiting game? It would be really appreciated! Thanks for reading!

    TL;DR: What the heck even are Kintypes????

  13. Ok I know I have been posting with the green text for the systems and without it and it is all a hectic mess but what we have decided is that because I use the forum most often that I will just post with the standard gray with everyone else using their colors text box. Ok? Ok!
  14. I am questioning a Kintype!


    But no the universe has something different in mind it seems.

    The questioning is still in its early stages of "coming to light" as it would seem so I wish to "hit it" early on. The possible Kintype is a cat from the book series Warrior Cats (what is it with Scholastic like seriously) and I feel I may be either a Shadowclan or Thunderclan cat, however if not one of those then it would be Windclan THEN Riverclan. I am unsure if I am a "canon" cat or not because I feel a great pull to my Warrior Cats oc however I am not sure if this is because I created her so it is like me or if it is a Kintype.

    I have a basic idea of what I looked like: a dark brown tabby with many scars. This has also lead me to the idea of Tigerstar. However I am still not sure.

  15. Just your sitting there and you start to get Kin-feelings for a character but you are like "ok lets wait this out" and after about three months of waiting it finally goes away, for what know seems to be permanently. I mean I got shifts, and memories, and it was weird? Basically the character was Toriel from Undertale and it has been something else.

    It is like 10:30 so I will probably going into detail a little more later.
  16. Alright HERE is the Himalayan Vulture Kintype Ponders, SO let’s get into it!!

    Shifts (going in order of the article What's Therianthropy?)

    • These are very rare for this Kintype, and only come in quick bursts. Mainly something along the lines of “I need to fly away.”
    • I have not had sensory shifts to this Kintype.
    • I am unable to have aura shifts.
    • Dreams are what really boiled it down to a Himalayan Vulture. It was a series of Dreams where each time I would see a specific coloration of my wings, and this soon bled over to my Daydreams and meditations too.
    • I highly doubt that this is just a Cameo shift.
    • I am unable to astral shift.
    • Wings that run along my arms.
    • Talons instead of feet.
    • A feather crest.
    • I am unable to bi-locate.
    • *sigh* I really wish, my friend.

    I start to question an avian Kintype after doing a Past Life Regression on YouTube, there it lead me to a Griffon. Me, being on Tumblr and all, took it on as a Kintype with no further analyzing. About a month later I took the same Past Life Regression and this time got an avian-like alien (you can read all about these struggles in my older blog posts.) From there I dropped both as Kintypes and started to figure out what this mystery Kintype was. I notice the avian pattern and started from there. Then I started getting a series of dreams where I had a specific wing coloration and pattern that soon bled into my daydreams and meditation sessions. From there, along with the help of others on here, I found out about the Himalayan Vulture and I have been happy with it since!

    So there we go!
    I am still going to do some more posts on Whiteout to see if there is anything else that I am missing that may not make her a Kintype.