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  1. It was super short. It was me and Richtofen hugging then I went into third person and saw that we were laying down but here's the weird thing all around us was nothing but white. (My thoughts on the all white is: 'Did we die like that?' It would explain the all white. The all white reminded me of my dream where I was walking though a all white house yelling for Richtofen's name, the whites are the same.)

    Now my thoughts on my past life as Takeo.
    I really don't have memories when I was Takeo, I have only had one so far and that was of Dempsey (A different one then the one I was) turning to me and calling me Takeo. But then again I have some memories I have are blurred and I can't tell if I was Takeo or Dempsey.
  2. I was going through some old posts in a website that is no longer active and discovered that I have posted about me trying to remember my name as a dragon.

    I think this was my name when I was a dragon: Hem or Clairerena
    My issue is once I heard these names my brain started rhyming words that sounded the same as the names, so I'm not 100% sure. When I first heard Clairerena this is how the name came to me, a female voice said 'My name is Clairerena.
  3. I finally believe I remembered what that navy blue with a sky blue belly dragon looked like! First time I saw him I only saw his colors and that he was an anthropomorphic (Western dragon)

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  4. I think me and Richtofen had a thing going on between us but I'm not sure. I am afraid that the memories I am having are just me shipping this universe's Dempsey and Richtofen but what I see is so very clear and realistic. Like today in meditation I was walking up to Richtofen who had his back to me but a little black fence that went up to the top of his legs was in front of him then I went into a thrid person view point and saw Dempsey walking up behind Richtofen, I then went back into Dempsey's view point and I put my head into Richtofen's left shoulder. Another memory type thing is me (As Dempsey I saw my own reflection), Richtofen, Nikolai and Takeo were able to get free from a rusty metal building then we splitted up to go find supplies. Nikolai and Takeo went one way while me and Richtofen went another way. I caught up to Richtofen and got him to stop and roll up his Nazi band just in case we ran into people, we ended up walking into a neighborhood with some people around and some women were trying to get me and Richtofen's attention which I got jelious over and I wrapped my arms and Richtofen's left arm and I nudged his cheek with my own.
    Also I have only seen us in the map Der Rise and the other place is a big rusty building.
  5. So I remember my house as Dempsey. It was a white house and white garage in one of those community places where every house is the same, there was bushes between backyards but I'm sure you could get through them to reach your neighbor's backyard, also the clothes lines were hung in an X formation but there was space between the top part and lower part. I was looking out a window at an angle where you saw a what looked like a baby crib that was metal and had a circular or oval rod at the top. I remember being in a hanger looking out the huge doors that were opened. I was in a newly built trench and in a corner was a crate. I remembered getting off a truck in a forest during the day. I then remembered walking into a group 935 camp (I'm sure I was not there willingly).

    Now for the dragon memory. I was flying with another dragon (I don't remember what the other day looked like) we were talking heading towards a King who was named Dickinson. The King ended up capturing all of the dragons that showed up and he placed a curse on us saying that our next incarnation will be human until the curse gets broke.
  6. I think I was Tank Dempsey and Takeo Masaki from Call of Duty but not the 2.0 version, the World at War version. They are from different universes them selves.

    (Dempsey up first) I have memories (Mostly dreams but there is some meditation visions) for many years now but I just now pieced it together. I have seen myself arguing with Richtofen while shooting zombies, I remember fighting zombies with Nikolai or with Takeo also as a group.
    Now know someone will say you probably play zombies too much or about Dempsey being my favorite but here's the thing: I have the memories even if I have not played zombies for a while, also for the favorite character: Dempsey isn't my favorite character Nikolai is and I always see Nikolai but not Dempsey.

    (Now for Takeo) In my other memories I see Dempsey, Nikolai and Richtofen but not Takeo. I have had Dempsey look at me and call me Taks. I am usually not around Nikolai but when I am we don't speak to each other only to tell the other to watch the zombies because of reloading or switching weapons. Now I'm not a fan of Takeo he comes 4th in my favorite characters list.

    The ironic thing is that I started shipping Dempsey with Richtofen this year so I basically ship myself with Richtofen. I also started shipping Takeo with Nikolai this year too so like with Dempsey I basically ship myself with Nikolai. Now I am not sure if I liked Richtofen when I was Dempsey or liked Nikolai when I was Takeo. I am going to meditated more on these two but I am pretty sure that I was Dempsey and Takeo.
  7. I ended up sending an email but no reply.

    So on the website Draconic.com I found someone who matches the dragon who has the same description as the navy blue with sky blue dragon I think was my mentor or father (I really can't remember who he was). The only issue is his profile hasn't been updated since 2008 and I'm nervous on messing him because I guess I don't want to be disappointed that he isn't who I'm looking for. I have what I want to send him (Since you can send other members emails) but like I said I'm nervous.
  8. Now I have posted about the dragons I remember seeing and I was told why don't you go into the chat and see if you can find them? Well now that I have had time to think of it here's the reasons why I never asked in chat that I came up with.

    1: What are the chances of me finding those dragons?

    2:I keep on seeing new dragons almost every time I meditate and I don't want to flood the chat with asking about the new dragons I remember.

    3: Along with remembering more dragons when I meditate I also remember land. (Like I saw an island once with mountains in a crescent shape from the back and the two sides.)

    4: I get distracted for long periods of time and I feel bad when I see someone who replied to me and it was one or two hours ago. (I do have the app on my phone but sometimes I don't have my phone with me when I go downstairs and watch TV or talk to my mom.)
  9. I saw a blurry muscular man that grabbed onto a yellow dragon's horn on its nose and stabbed it with a blade that was shaped like a machete barrigon herragro (Google it) under its (what it would be for humans) upper lip. I was next to be killed but fortunately I didn't see my own death because I couldn't keep the memory together. My birth mark is by that little skin (I don't know what it's called) it connects the inside of your upper lip to gums of your teeth. Dentists and doctors told my parents that it would go away when I get older but it never did, my parents had the option of getting it removed but they never did.
  10. The title may change because I don't know what to call it.

    While my lovely country is having their hissy fits of who won the election for president I have been feeling anxious and when I started talking to my mom I was in a completely different state of mind. I told her that I on a level of something I can feel the emotions of everyone in the country then I went on to tell her that "I'm six millennium years old and I have been on many different plains I think 80, and I believe that this is my first time." She of course thinks I'm nuts and said that she needs to get me in school, that I have too much time on my hands." Which I replied to I have been thinking of this for years, you guys are told not to hit the walls while I have been slamming against them for my six millennium."

    Now this can just be nothing but I did not hesitate to say six millennium for my age.
  11. My longest memory is my first one I have ever had and lately it's been being pushed to the front of my brain. The memory goes I was walking with the Navy blue with sky blue stomach and a very dark purple dragon with a lighter shade of purple appeared in front of us. I took off running but then I stopped and turned back around to go back, but when I got there both dragons were gone and the only thing left behind was a letter addressed to me. I couldn't read it because it was in cursive and I can't cursive. Now a days I can't help but think what if I got that other dragon killed and is that the reason why I'm a human now as punishment? I am on the line of breakdown have been for two hours now but have not broke yet. I know someone will tell me it was a old life but I probably got someone killed and what if it was on purpose, if I did I pray (even though I'm not religious) that I could one day find the dragon and ask him what happened and if I got him killed and if I did was it on purpose or not and I'm sorry for getting him killed.
  12. After going though some folders on my laptop I found a picture I did in school a couple of months ago and it is my profile picture. Now I'm not 100% sure on the amount of claws but everything is pretty accurate to what I keep on seeing in meditations and dreams but I could walk on two legs. Another thing I did a meditation a few days ago and it was the day I hatched from my egg, I have never seen that day before! I can't tell you if I saw my parents if they were present or where I was because I really couldn't hold onto the memory (I'm not the greatest at mediation).