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  1. I had a really long shift with my hooman last night. Not sure what all happened but apparently it was funny XD
  2. Ok. So I know I had just moved 5 months ago.... But im starting to feel like this town.... isnt for me. Its so uncreative and so snobby and bleh! My mother seems to disagree. I know my mom is really really hurt but.... she treats me like im 4.... im 22. Im stuck in a house all day with nothing to do but going to the same 2 places for pictures and only to the store because she never can do anything on her own. Not to mention she and my step dad are having so many problems right now. I miss my friends. I miss my fiance. I miss everyone. I barely know anyone up here. Im just... im sad right now because I know im moving back and I know they dont want me too. But I cant stay if this place has nothing to offer....
  3. Ok so im getting some inspiration back and I want to make a story about closed minded people in america. Not just abuse but verbal abuse, people who make fun of, disrespectful parents, back stabbing "friends" etc. So Im wanting to interview a few people who have had experiences like that as far as being a kin since one of my characters (im strongly wanting) to be kin. If you want to tell me your experience please send me a private message and I will get back with you as soon as I can. Thank you.
  4. So. The other day I was talking about a weird shift that happened and it kept happening. It felt human but not. I could feel waves on the soles of my feet, like I was walking on water, My limbs left a bit longer like I was a more lengthier figure, my hair felt long. Like by my ankles long. I could feel the thickness of my eyelashes. The clothes I felt wasnt the clothes I wore, I felt almost naked. I even felt wings on my back. They felt as big as my figure. 5'7" maybe? But I could feel water moving all around, in my veins even. The smell of moisture all around, the feeling of perpetual sadness the feeling of singing in my throat, but heard no words. I felt it all. It was so strong I blacked out. Idk what this being is. Undine? Water angel? Fairy? Idk what this is. But its happened the past few days and I was just lucky I was in bed the past few times when I blacked out.
  5. I need to be honest. When I first moved to Lafayette, I thought things would finally look up. Since ive been here i'll admit my depression has never been more calm. But everything has gone wrong. The "Numorus" jobs I was promised. There are barely any jobs and if I dont get a call back tomorrow, I have to wait until next month to go down to campus to find one since my "housemate" (Biological mother) wont let me ride a bus (And I wont sneak on a bus unless I wanna get screamed at like a moron which im so over.) She works like a slave at work, and when she gets home she waits on my brother hand and foot, and expects me to, then is too tired to drive me anywhere. And I cant walk because its too far and my knee still feels like crap. The program (Which was promised to be up here by my mother) isnt here. And neither is my back up so now im going into a program I really dont want to get into. My knee is shot and cant get the physical therapy needed. My fiance doesnt want to move here now because of my mom. The freedom I was promised, not there. Cant walk to the store without my phone getting blown up for leaving for 2 minutes or being told to come back because SHE needs to go to the store. The minimum wage was suppose to be higher, its not. Its a dollar 25 less. Everything I was promised isnt here. And i cant go back. Im at my wits end. I dont know how much more I can take before I feel like ive failed at my life. It's 9 days before my birthday. And I wish it wasnt. I wish I was home, eating my favorite fast food (Which there isnt one here its only in Ohio) and snuggling with my fiance. I just want to go home. But I cant face my grandfather and tell him I failed.... I just dont know what to do anymore.... Im alone.... and I have no one but crazy here.... My brother is a jerk and calls me stupid, my step dad, I just dont want to talk to him about stuff.... My life is changing.... and I just wish I knew if it was for the better....