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  1. So, as you all know I've bounced back and forth a lot about what kind of fae I am. What kept coming through consistently was that I have blue skin, red hair and wings. After some thinking about this and other things about myself in this life, for example my draw towards trickster deities and guides, I realised that someone's assertion that I was a pixie seemed to make a lot of sense.

    However, after some further discussions with other fae people who could see my form in Fairie, it seems that actually I'm not a pixie at all. Apparently my energy is wrong etc. This therefore brings me back to my original thoughts, because the fact was that when I first started getting memories they were of a sylph and sidhe woman/person respectively and those felt most coherent. In contrast the memories I had relating to pixies didn't quite 'click'. This leads me to believe I encountered pixies before but I wasn't one of them.

    Indeed, after further introspection it turns out I'm not. My first memories of a sylph and a sidhe were accurate as well as the fact that they had a bond that had carried across.

    It seems that in fact, I'm the 'child' of this sylph and sidhe pairing. Not in the conventional sense as far as I can tell. I don't think mine was a natural birth, more a fusion of energies between the two to create an entirely new being or person. What with faeries being a kind of energy being in a sense, this can and does happen it seems. Still at least now I'm clear on that, it definitely fits. Now I can go on to write more once I've recovered more of their memories or indeed my own.