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  1. This is kinda cool, I guess? Pft, I don't know. I'm new here. If anyone is actually reading my blog, you clearly have nothing productive to do with your time. I recommend you read a book, or maybe watch some TV. Anything other than read this, cause I really have nothing interesting to talk about.

    Why am I even writing this, then? Who knows, who cares. I just am.

    But since you're clearly still reading this, I might as well say something interesting.

    I was listening to wolf howls all morning and got an almost... Nostalgic feeling, I guess? Not sure how to describe it. It was kind of like a sad, longing feeling mixed with... What seemed to be a bit of fear, though I don't know why.

    In case you were wondering, I was listening to howling to try to induce a phantom shift, but I believe I had a mental shift. Any kind of shift is fine with me, really. I rarely ever shift so it's great when it does happen, whether it be a phantom shift or a mental shift or some type of cameo shift, I don't really care. I'd be fine with any shift at all.

    Finding theriotypes is confusing and frustrating, I can say that much.

    Well, I'm gonna go. I really have nothing to talk about. I'll post more interesting things in the future, I promise XD but goodbye for now, nonexistent reader.
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