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  1. Another Christmas come and gone, with a selection of food and clothes. Including both socks and a few NY Rangers shirts.

    And also the below haul of games, DVDs, and books.


    Christmas Eve, Gareth sadly reminding me that this would be the first Christmas we wouldn't be spending together.

    And... perhaps the best present of all...
    I got my writing motivation back.
    More on that in my next blog post.
  2. So I was talking to Neve earlier this morning, having come into a conversation about Neve taking kintype drawing requests. Seemed harmless enough, right?

    But then it comes to the time where I have to look up screenshots for reference. Being a FPS game (and the graphic novel being off in some places), I have to sift through a lot of them.

    But then it got round to some of Vivian, and even from behind I wept, heartbroken, lonely. I've never wanted someone's company more than I did in that minute.

    And man was it unexpected.

    I find it slightly funny because I'd been warned about this, back when I mentioned the soundtrack. I'd been warned that my grip, my stability wasn't as correct as I thought it was. With this, maybe he was right, because even now I find myself in the situation of 'if I play, I'm going to be hit with a ton of emotions...'.

    And somehow I don't think I can explain to my parents why I'm sat in the front room bawling my eyes out over a fictional character... And then raging over others... And then experiencing much stronger familiarity than before...

    Maybe things will mellow out over the next few days. I wish I hadn't lost my save data for my first playthrough... I'm not desperate to play, I just tend to go in cycles when it comes to gaming.

    ... Which is probably why I'm sat here waiting for LoL to download...
  3. Okay, so last night I had this dream that has stuck in my head since and still leaves me shaken.

    It was so realistic, so vivid that I could feel so much about it.

    It'd have been an interesting dream had it not been one where I was being strangled into unconsciousness...

    There was this small dark gray room, maybe dimly lit by some lighting above, something was faintly buzzing, just myself and one other person there.

    I bet by now all I'd need is to mention the word 'jackass' and it's obvious as to who I have a clear idea of...
    Whether I was at his mercy or not... Certainly didn't take too well to whatever I'd said before.

    Their hands around my neck, my lungs and face burning from the strain, pulse pounding in my ears, vision blurring and flashing and getting increasingly disorientated. My movement consisted of just scrabbling and clawing weakly at them in some attempt to free myself, in panic. Maybe by the end I was close to just giving up, just feeling waves of defeat running through.

    If anything was said, I didn't hear it. Some sneer, some insult, it was lost.
    But dear god was the room filled with fury.