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  1. Here's a topic I don't really see being discussed that often in the Otherkin community despite it being a large part of my own beliefs. I believe that I am capable of partly seeing into a alternate dimension of ours. I do not know of anyone else able to do this, nor do I see it believed by others. Does anybody else think they can? It would be nice to know. If you have any questions i'm happy to answer them.

  2. So as always I've been thinking (That's never a good sign.) a little bit and thought, "Wouldn't it be cool if there was a Therian religion or belief system?" Well I mean, that would be perfectly logical. It IS a belief is it not? Plus, we usually call different Christian Churches different because they have different beliefs so why not have it be its own Religion? I already thought a few names for different kinds like: Atherian or Otheriests for Athiests.
    Christherians or Otheristians for Christians.
    Comment below you're opinions. See ya'!

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  3. Hey everyone! My name is Jared but you can call me moon eyes. I am super excited to be here so I decided to write a quick little blog post just for the heck of it. Hope y'all have a good one!