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  1. Righty-ho, so I'm mainly writing all of this down for me, but feel free to read. You might just end up being as fond of these ideas as I am.
    What is the Multiverse Theory?
    So, the multiverse theory has been theorized, overprocessed, and washed out so much that it's kind of hard to get people to take seriously anymore. But I think it really makes sense (at least, paired with the polycosm theory, which I'll get to in a minute). You can believe any version of it that you want, and it basically functions the same way. A basic rundown is this: every time you (or anyone/thing else) makes a decision, or something happened, a universe is created where the exact opposite (or every other option, as most decision are multiple choice) occurs. Obviously, since there are too many sentient beings, and too much time, it's impossible to document and measure all the universes, so it's just simpler to view the multiverse as infinite.
    What is the Polycosm Theory?
    Take what you just read: infinite universes (aka, a multiverse), and create infinite multiverses. Crazy, right? Right! Unexplainable, right? Wrong. The way the polycosm (or, a multi-multiverse) works is through vibrational frequencies. This is best explained through crystals.
    Vibrational Frequencies and Crystals
    Regardless of whether you believe in crystal healing or not, this is the easiest way I know how to explain this. Crystals form in naturally geometric patters, giving them higher atomic vibrations--as all atoms are constantly vibrating. In everything. All of the time. Wow. This ties into brain waves in some sciency-schmiency way and improves our mood. Wowee! Now, what happens when your vibrations aren't slightly high, but are, like, high off the wazoo? Well, then you'd exist on a different plain--aka, polycosm.
    Infinite Library Metaphor
    Imagine you have an infinite bookshelf. You--as you know you--live inside one book on the infinite bookshelf. There are unlimited books on the shelf, because it's infinite. That bookshelf is in an infinite library. There are unlimited infinite bookshelves, because the library is infinite. That explains it fairly well, I think.

    Next week on Neri's spiritual existentialism: why time is really shaped like a slinky.