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  1. I'd say its been several months since I've last been on here. Then again, besides the apps on my phone, (facebook, Instagram, etc...) I really haven't been on any websites in a long time. Some of it has to do with being busy, and the other reason I'm not quite sure. I don't know if this will become a habit again to come on here on a regular basis, but I'll try and stick around. After all, I really enjoy this community! It'll be good to see some familiar, profiles, again. Anyways, how is everyone doing? What has the new year brought your way? What big things have I missed over the past 4 months?
  2. This week has been really speedy. I don't mean like going by really fast, but I've been constantly having to stay on my toes. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but compared to my normal slow-paced life, I'm not used to having to rush on anything. But hey, new opportunities have been opened!

    To start this week off, I celebrated my birthday early at my grandparent's from my dad's side of the family. (I'm mostly around my mom's side, but they still wanted to see me for my birthday. However, I have things planned then.) I was already told by my mother that she couldn't afford the dinosaur costume, which lead to an important decision to make when my grandparents gave me birthday money. My dad had apparently hinted to them earlier that I had my heart set on an airbrush kit for 6 months, (which is true) so they gave me the money I needed. The airbrush kit would cost a little more than the dinosaur costume, so I was given 140$. I decided to get the airbrush kit, because I figured I could always earn the money back if I sold T-shirts at my school when it started. However, when we bought it, the hoses weren't compatible with the air compressor. So then, we had to go all over the place just to find an adapter for it. The closest we found was at an O'Reilly's, but it wasn't an exact fit. So, I'll have to manage with a slow leak. Not only that, but it took us a few hours to figure out how the airbrush itself works. Not only that, but I'll have to get my paints online. Man, it's hard to get tools set up! How do mechanics deal with it?

    Then came tennis. I had completely forgotten about it over the summer, so I ended up missing the signups. Because of my forgetfulness, this obviously resulted in getting chewed out by my parents for ill-preparation. We called the board of education, who gave us the coach's email, so I had to send an email to her. My mom also called the local tennis center to see if we could contact the coach. The coach mentioned what papers I needed filled out, and when practice was. (Since tennis is such a small sport in my school, you don't need to try out unless you want in varsity.) Also that to join, I need to pay 128$. Since my parents are out of money at the moment, I'm going to have to take some out of my savings. My dad said he would pay me back, but I never like having less than 100$ in my account. Not to mention, I'll need a racket and shoes. The shoes will thankfully be a gift from my grandma, and I may have to buy a used racket. We also thought that the practice would be tomorrow.

    Not only that, but come to find out, I need a physical exam from a doctor or a clinic even to be allowed on the courts. Since my parents were at work, and all the way out in Columbus, they told me to call my grandma to take me to the clinic in CVS, and to take money because it DOES cost. So, we get there, and I start filling out the appointment sheet at the kiosk. As I was filling it out, the nurse notified my that if I made an appointment, then it would be scheduled after lunch. I was fine with this, of course since the day was still somewhat early. Yet, as I'm talking to her, we are told that I need a parent or legal guardian with me, and my grandmother wouldn't count. We explained the situation, and she recommended the clinic in Huber heights since my mom was in Columbus. That way, we could meet her half way, and it closes at 8. (my mom usually gets off work around 6-7.) However, we would have to schedule the appointment around 6:30 or earlier. I call my mom, and let her know, but then she brings up our family doctor since we may be able to get it done that way. (He isn't exactly by the books, so he probably wouldn't ask for a parent or guardian. Besides, he knows all of us.) And so, we drive down there.

    We get there, and we are told that he is booked all day. Explaining the situation, we were able to be squeezed in. However, I had to call my mom and ask her for her insurance number. She, being as unorganized as anyone else in our family, had left it on the coffee table in a stack of papers. (The reason why they needed to know is because she had switched our insurance 2 weeks ago.) However, once we tell them the name of our insurance, they pull up her information somehow. Thankfully, I was completely covered by our insurance. I'm weighed and measured, then brought in the room to wait. The nurse asks if it is okay if a student doctor sees me, and because I have the time to spare, I didn't see why not. Now, this was the nice part. I have to admit, the student doctor was pretty good-looking. I normally don't think that about people. He was really friendly, and helped me get through it as fast as we could. It was just normal stuff, such as checking blood pressure and asking questions of anything I may be experiencing. After he's done, the family doctor comes in, and finishes the rest. I left with a clean bill of health, and he also filled out the forms. After that mess was done, my grandma and I decided to go get a hamburger since we were hungry.

    After eating, we come back, and I start filling out the rest of the paperwork. I explain to her what time I need to be at practice, which unfortunately clashes with the work I need to help grandma with. So, everything is ready for mom to sign, now I just have to get a tennis racket, athletic clothing, stop by the bank, and a good night's sleep. I text her, (since I need this done before tomorrow), who then tells me she'll be over right away. She texts the coach to verify a few things, and come to find out, practice isn't until Monday! What a relief... So, tomorrow, I'll just get my work done, get the money I need out of the bank, borrow a racket from the local tennis center until I get my own, and then get my early birthday present (a pair of running shoes). I also borrowed some basketball shorts from my brother, so I'm set on that too. I should probably start exercising too, so tennis won't be such a hassle that way.

  3. Okay, so even while Kinmunity has been down, I've made progress on my summer goals. While it's very small steps, that's what it takes to get this stuff done. Also, not to mention, my sort of amusement and relaxed attitude for this week.

    Since I've been wanting to dig into my heritage a little bit for quite a while now, I wanted to research my Blackfoot part of my heritage. It's been sort of hard, but almost out of fate, I found one of my grandpa's books from his library. While it talks about all the tribes, it gives detailed and interesting backgrounds on the tribes, including the Blackfeet. This includes important events, tribal beliefs, and different ways the tribes ruled. As for accuracy, while I'll do more digging later just for validity's sake, I feel as if this is a good start. I'll keep in mind that it could still hold inaccurate information, but I'll keep these facts in mind once I finish the book and move on to research it even more. The book was published in 1973, is leather-backed, (real leather!) and was made by Time Life Books. Pretty fancy, if I do say so myself. Not to mention, it seems pretty unbiased.

    Cacti Expert
    Ganja and Nick are alive and well, and I'm making arrangements to pot them soon. Also, I've been good about the water, and they seem pretty healthy. I'm also planning to give Nick a top hat and a bow tie. Not sure what I'm going to make for Ganja yet.

    I've been looking at nature centers near me on the internet, and soon, I'll drag my friends along with me. 3 cheers for nature!

    While I haven't started researching any religions or spiritualities quite yet, my friends and I have agreed to make a Fire Pact at the end of the school year since we'll be burning our old papers anyways. I'm pretty excited.

    Highlights of This Week
    • I played as Jack Ruby during a school presentation over Kennedy's Last Days. I feel like I did a good job, and improvised the script a little. People said I was hilarious and in-character. Not to mention, I got to wear my favorite fedora and a suit jacket!
    • I found a Youtuber named Majira Strawberry. While I'm pretty indifferent to furries, but this guy is awesome.
    • Randomly, as I was walking down the hallway with my friend, some guy yelled "Cheer, Cheer, for *insert my full name here*!" It was really weird, but amusing. I didn't know how to react at the time, so I just kept walking.
    Anyways, that's basically my week. Woo.