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  1. Please call me Arctic. I've decided to go by my species name. 'Tuskegee' was chosen for my liking and to be easily identified online. But it has very little significance to my kintype. So yeah....I'm going by Arctic. (Arctic Wolf)
  2. Such a "tiring" day. :( not emotionally, I just got a cold along with a headache.
    So, as some of you know the thread I posted about otherkin and how old you are. I've been talking to my friend who said she 'grew out of the therian phrase'. (Which isn't a phase. And if you already comment on the thread about this, don't reply the same thing here. If you haven't, reply on the that thread.) Trying to inform her, to make sure it isn't really a phase. And if I'm lucky, bring her back to her 'true self'. It turns out, she's not listening to what I'm saying, and saying it's dumb that people think there's an animal inside us. :(( I had a bit of anger built in me, but I just let that feeling slide. I mean, I had this argurement for a while now. I just hope one day she'll realize the true meaning of therian/otherkin. (And there goes my last 'in person' friend.....but who cares, I know I'm strong standing alone.)
  3. I could sense the danger
    My pack was aware of that, for sure
    Ears perked up, as we spot the stranger
    Looking straight at us

    There were more than one
    I can't let my family down
    I would risk my life to keep them safe
    I approached them first

    My family followed me
    I told them to stay
    But the look in their eyes
    They could tell what's going to happen

    Yes, I know what's going to happen
    Running off to the left, the strangers followed
    My family ran the other way
    As I saw them slowly disappear in the distance

    Going through the trees
    I hear them catching up
    My paws we're getting tired
    But I kept running and running

    I felt a sharp edge
    Tripping over, getting caught up
    The only thing I thought about
    Was 'I hope my family is safe'

    this cold, rainy day
    I walk the earth once again
    To see my family once again
    They were happy, safe and sound
  4. So....I pre-wrote a blog last night because something was really bothering me and wanted to clear things out of my head. Plus, I still feel embarrassed about what happened in public cuz I almost fell on my face during a random phantom shift. And also I'm not able to get on my phone. Instead of writing that, (I might later.) I'm just gonna clear things up shortly.
    On my last blog, I clearly stated that I'll only explain things I wanted to explain. But yet, people still ask things like I should be careful of depending on my dreams when finding my theriotype.
    Aside from all this therian thing, I just feel this connection with the wolves and other wild animals. Wolves should be 'respected' more than being hunt down. That's ONE OF THE REASONS (I didn't say only.) why I chose wolf than other canines.
    I may feel easily threatened and I'm sorry. Past stuff, still getting used to being by myself with no other therians around....just some things have changed. Sorry if I'm too 'sensitive'.
    There, not gonna write any longer because I still feel the paws shifts and for me, right now, it feels really weird.
  5. Don't really want much comments from this. I explained how I chose 'wolf' in a different community and got comments like: *so you chose it bc you had dreams? *why is everyone choosing wolf?
    Also, I'm explaining the stuff I want people to read, not the personal stuff.

    Answering the question: how did I choose wolf instead of other canine?
    A: day by day experience. Starting from when I was young. I had a fascination on wolves, I tend to act as if I one. At that time, no other reason than I really loved wolves. (I was young, so yeah.) Even though my time of awakening was when I was 6, it took some time for me to figure what theriotype I was. I wanted to be sure and didn't want to be like: 'oh, my favorite animal is wolf, so my theriotype is a wolf.' First started with the dreams I was having. I had a dream of being the lower rank of some wolf pack. (As a real wolf.) My rank position changed over time, very slowly though. (The changing of rank in my dreams weren't in a row.) I had several dreams and mental shifts of the theriotype I thought I was. Such as an coyote and a fox. But most of them were of wolves.
    I just felt this connection I felt whenever I see videos of wolves or hear the howling, feeling a short mental shift whenever I see them.
    So, yeah, that's some process I went through when choosing my therotype. From the start of my awakening, it took an year and a half. I don't know why it took that long, lol. I guess it was just me.
    My therian name is a Native American tribe. (Tuskegee Tribe.) True meaning isn't known, but the word contains from the Alabama term 'taska', meaning 'warrior'.