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  1. We're hoping to adopt a lovely little spaniel girl. She's reserved for us and we're taking Elsa (our current doggy) to meet her on Sunday and assuming the introduction goes well she'll come home with us. :)

    Hopefully everything will go fine because the rescue say she is friendly with other dogs (in fact having another dog is a requirement for adopting her) and Elsa is very gentle and friendly with everyone she meets and is especially fond of spaniels. If she comes home with us we're planning to call her Tilly in memory of my nan.

    Here's a few pictures from the rescue's site. If she comes home I'll probably update with more pictures in a few weeks once she's a bit more settled.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. Some of you have likely seen me talk about having aphantasia before. For anyone who doesn't know aphantasia is likely a neurological condition that causes the inability to consciously visualise, and often effects the other senses as well (meaning you can't experience imagined smell, touch, taste or sound).

    Some aphantasiacs report not dreaming in images also, but most say they do dream in images and I was one of them. Since it is classed as 'conscious' visualisation I figured I could dream pictures. It feels as though I dream pictures. When I wake up, if I remember a dream, it's so vivid and detailed and feels just like a normal memory of doing or seeing something so I assumed yeah, I must dream in images. It feels like I see things.
    But this morning I was dreaming and became aware of the dream, lucid dreaming I suppose? I've never had a lucid dream before. The dream carried on but I became aware of the dream and allowed it to continue. I wasn't trying to change or do anything, just letting it all play out as I didn't want to wake up just yet.

    It all seemed normal, things were playing out nicely in the dream, and then I suddenly realised, I'm not seeing anything. No visuals at all, and that was enough of a shock to shake me from the dream and wake up fully. My dream was very detailed, it felt very real, but it wasn't visual. It was played out through words and emotions, the same way I remember my memories or imagine things; without visualisation.
    So now I'm left wondering if I ever did dream in images, or if it just felt that way due to the memories of the dream playing out the same way my memories of real life do? Or do I normally dream images and the fact my consciousness clicked in flick the off switch for visuals?

    I'd love to find out what's going on in my brain when I sleep.

    (also, autocorrect please stop trying to turn aphantasiac into aphrodisiac, that is really not what I mean)