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#4 getting lost in life - dialogues with a wolf

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S(me): Have you ever just knuckled down and focused on a particular task so intently that weeks or even months go by before you realise that you have neglected the things which are important to you?

Kara (mother): A parent knows such a feeling all to well Sark, a mother is pregnant for a few months and thinks of nothing else... Then she gives birth and the distractions continue until the child is old enough to feed themselves. In your case this is not a task that takes months but years.

S: That is true but I am thinking more about everyday tasks that everyone knows and everyone does, like work or study... Or both in some cases.

Kara: Then I would say that you need to make time for your life, and make time for the things that are important to you. Of course work and study are important activities but you must make time for you or real life (not the mundane routine that pays
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