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A New headmate

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So lets start off with a little history behind this new person in my head. I was showing my memories to Meri (my tulpa) when a dark prescence appeared it took hold of Meri and it treatened to make me madd and kill me. I managed to push it out of my mind but it try to push back in for a whole day. SO with some help I managed to imprisson it and it had been imprissoned for a week at least when I almost felt him no more, he was about to die and I was considering letting him die untill Meri asked me to talk to him see if we could give him another chance in live. So i did and at first nothing had changed, he was panting and exhausted but still lying and such but whe I read a post on the forums he reacted to it, not maliously but more interested and questioning, which made me wonder if he was hiding this side of him to make himself look good infront of others. With this knowledge I made a contract with him assuring he could never harm me or Meri and I gave him a body of a character I once thought up. A good demon called: the time traveler (its a nickname). This cause a massive shift and together with me showing him why I made such a character he started to change. He asked me if I could teach him about friendship and this he said: "I will never try to harm you ever again, I will protect you I give my word" meri: "the word of a demon? " time traveler: "no the word of the time traveler for I want to start over again". And yes we have hugged him and he seems to have a posistive response to it so I might have a new friend and new person in my head.
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