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A turn for the better!

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We finally got Chill to an animal hospital today, and apparently our regular vet got a lot wrong. His chances aren't fantastic, and treatment (including hospitalization) is still expensive, but he does have a fighting chance!
Without the looming prospect of a burial, we will have a lot more time and energy for school and community engagements! In light of this, we would like to talk about a project we're considering.
We have noticed an increasingly large generation gap between kin, where many younger kin are only familiar with the tumblr community, and many older kin find tumblr very inaccessible. We ourselves find it extremely difficult to find resources outside of tumblr's tendency toward positivity and aesthetic posts. It seems that many excellent otherkin and alterhuman resources have become nonfunctional, or at least don't get updated as often as they used to.
We would very much like to gain a better understanding of otherkin communities that came before tumblr, and perhaps try to figure out why there is such difficulty communicating ideas between the tumblr kin community and any other kin community. We want to engage in some sort of informal history project, to gather as much info on the development of the kin community as possible, before any more records get lost.
We are not in any way historians, and have a poor understanding of pre-tumblr kin communities beyond a couple wiki articles. We also aren't usually very good at research projects in general. However, we are extremely invested in learning about this subject, and want to gather all the information we can.
If anyone wants to help teach us about kin history, or has suggestions on what kind of project to do besides hoarding links to other people's work, or just has links for us to hoard, we'd really appreciate it! Please feel free to talk to us about this! It isn't a very clear idea yet, but we can't seem to get it out of our head!
Thank you
-Phantasm of Hastur System
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