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Ain't nothing but mammals

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So the humanity debate is still going strong, and while I have posted in the thread since my last blog post, I have not engaged in the debate anymore. That being said, a bit more removed from the emotional side of it (and the thread itself) there are a couple of stances I feel very strongly about, and I want to make that clear. First, I've said this a thousand times before, but since there are still some people who don't get it: WE ARE ALL HUMAN. YES, EVEN YOU. It's mind boggling how often people get this wrong. This isn't an opinion as far as I'm concerned; it's a fact. I don't care whether you identify as a human, you're still a human and you can't change or deny that. One reason this gets under my skin so much is because once we exclude ourselves from humanity, it's much easier and more likely for us to say that we're above humanity, or at least imply it. And everyone here knows I'm not a fan of that.

It also becomes easier to say we advocate killing humans, the second thing I want to discuss. Saying you advocate killing anybody (or at least innocent people) is over the line, let alone professing a desire for mass genocide. People told me that saying they hated humanity doesn't mean they hate the individual, but if you advocate killing all of humanity that means you want to kill yourself, me, and everyone I care about. That is absolutely personal and I won't stand for it.

The solution to this isn't to leave the forum; there are still some decent people here who I like talking with. The solution as I see it is to cut off communication with the individuals saying these things. I have no interest in talking to them anyway.

Quick edit: As the bucket of people I don't want to talk to gets bigger and bigger, I have to wonder if I'm making the right choice. For now I'm sticking around, but this topic has made me hate people I used to consider friends. It's almost like it was a terrible topic to discuss here in the first place...
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