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An possible America Lion build?

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I went trough these for a while now and feel ready to share it. Maybe it is Obvious or maybe it isnt. Either way my shifts of the Lion helped me to paint a picture of a possible build of the lion.

It feels as a fairly well muscled feline. When I got these shifts sometimes it feels as if I have a lot of strenght in the body. Maybe a bit more in the paws and jaw area but just slighty not over the top. Everything seemed to be designed to bring down big prey. Given the type of prey it hunted it needed to have a build that would allow the lion to be mobile and agile while remaining speed and strenght to bring down their prey as it hunted in groups. One lion could cause damage but a whole group of them would bring much more fatal damage. As studies have suggest it has one of the largest brain capacity of felines to exist today or did exist. Combine all that power with good communication during the hunt and you have a hunter that is capable of bringing down big prey and a very succesful hunter.

I did spend time to back up these shifts. As some may have read the prey section in the thread it did hunt big prey. But one prey sticks out: The mammoth. Yes it seems they also hunted these animals as well while I dont know if it would be adults or just the youngsters. But given the size of a mammoth and weight a carnivore that would hunt them need a lot of strength even in a group to bring down a beast of that size and very good communication of a group lions. Studying the prey even further aside the mammoth it seems very likely that the shifts I feel of the Lion are true since some would require a well build hunter to bring them down.

While not as muscular as the Smilodon Populator or the most powerful feline it is still impressive what it was capable of during it's time. It is certainly a hunter to watch out for. Given the information of the internet that was available to me it seems the shifts that vaguely indicate it's build may be very true. A well build feline with enough strength and good communication to bring down big prey even what may be the largest on it's menu: Whooly Mammoths.
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