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Analyzing anatomy

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Given essentially no memories of day-to-day life to work with, I've decided to analyze ušumgal anatomy to figure out how we hunted. It's a composite creature both similar and very different to lions, some sort of bird of prey, and at least in my subspecies there were reptilian traits, possibly crocodile.
There were no huge differences between the sexes besides the horns, since I don't remember growing any but there clearly were some judging by the carvings I've seen. Ušumgal are also described as one of the three horned species of dragon birthed by Tiamat. However, either the horns replace the 'mane' or it is there in both sexes. A lion's mane, while nobody really knows why it exists besides displays, does function to protect the neck during a fight. I remember my skin being relatively loose or something, and when I shook out (like a dog) the scales around my neck would rattle as a warning. I can't imagine a male doing that, shaking out with those ridiculous horns would be a recipe for disaster.
Next we move on to the forefeet. Also lionlike, and scaly like the entirety of my body, though there was something between the toes to make me silent. Protracting claws, and a dewclaw. Perfect for gripping prey.
The wings... might require a post in their own right. I still don't understand them. Birdlike design, but the 'feathers' are all elongated scales, like fingernails. They were armored like that for a reason, and I can see how it would be effective, but flying... could I have flown high or silently on those wings? I know they were massive, but I wonder... I do get instincts to use them to fight and strike, beating someone away from my side. I don't really remember my colors, so I'm unsure what any kind of display would have looked like.
The hind feet are what give me the real trouble. I'm unsure if it's eagle or owl in the mix, and if either what species, but I have birdlike rear legs and feet with four toes, one facing the rear, and a set of talons. Lion hindlegs are designed for pouncing. Bird legs are designed for gripping prey and perching on branches. I realize my human body has nothing to do with my kintype, but given the strangeness of my toes, the flexibility of my pinky toes in particular, I'm tempted to say it's owl feet on my old body. Given my feline attributes the talons might also protract, but I'm unsure.
I also had a long, scaly tail proportionate to my size.
My head... the eyes were either blue, gold, or green, and likely with secondary eyelids. Exceptional night vision and keen eyesight during the day as well. I imagine my nose was relatively awful, but I had a Jacobsen's Organ in my mouth. My teeth were all ridiculously sharp, to the point that I think they were more crocodilian than leonine. I'm not sure if I had prominent canines. I'm not sure if I had a rough tongue, though I likely did.
Lions tend to attack more with their mouths than their claws, and birds of prey strike the killing blow with their beaks. Crocodiles are well known for using their mouth as the weapon of choice. Given that, I imagine the same for me as an ušumgal. I only have a hard time picturing it because humans fight with their hands.
But again, we come back to the claws. Lion forepaws are designed for walking silently and gripping prey. Owl feet are designed for gripping prey and holding it in flight, as well as branches. They have a special addition in their anatomy that allows for keeping the talons closed without actually clenching their muscles. How accurate their anatomy is to my old body I don't know, but it's my best shot. The only thing I can think of is that whatever my kind hunted was big enough to require four feet specialized to grip, or we needed the forepaws during the kill and the hindlegs to carry prey home... but in all honesty the arrangement of griffin legs makes more sense. Maybe we dropped out of the sky onto the back of larger creatures?
I also have to keep in mind that ušumgal were born, alongside other dangerous beasts, to kill gods. We were very literally built for war against things that could summon storms and create the universe. There wasn't a lot of time for evolution, or trial and error, Tiamat whipped out what she thought would do the job... but those hind feet. No jumping power, just a death grip. I hate to ascribe to the idea that all gods were just massive humans, but maybe if my hind feet grabbed their thighs that would leave my forepaws and teeth free to maul them? But all of that weight on my clenched toes when I rear up...
I'll just have to keep thinking, I suppose. Maybe I'll remember something helpful.
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