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And now it makes sense

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I got asked today if I remembered anything before canon events. Thinking on it, I knew something was there, but in that moment I couldn't grasp it, no matter how I tried to block out everything else. But then it hit me hard later, in almost sudden realisation.

I was unemployed for a long time, and right now how I gained my reputation escapes me. There's always been something about the smell of burning electrics that gave off a familiar wave... Anyway, I think I was... Well-off enough to not starve every night, so I must have had some kind of reputation at the time.

Then at around mid-afternoon, some guy I felt I knew just turned up. The darkest brown eyes and the darkest brown hair cut to an inch short, always in such an infectious good mood. Almost always in all-black if he could help it, but such casual dress.

How close of a friend he was was much to be desired, but he could drive and I couldn't, so it was a bonus. He was dressed so casually it was almost funny, like he really didn't care anymore, whatever made it comfortable I guess. I never got a name for him, I feel like I should have. I feel like something happened to him, but deep down he is still out there somewhere.

I know we jokingly used the term 'contractor' to describe him, because it loosely fit what he did. 'A friend of a friend of a friend' was who had offered it, so maybe in some way they were connected to LeFey or the Black Order, who knows. I wish I had at the time...


So, there's always been this room layout I've seen in my head briefly at times. It's been with me since I was around 13/14, this same still image layout, and has been sharpening over that time.

It had what seemed like dark wood-panelled walls and a huge 6x6 pane glass window that seemed to stretch from floor to ceiling, the office floored by some godawful dark green carpet. Smelt like dust, of antiques, although none were fully on display. Shame.

I recall standing slightly off-centre, almost directly opposite between LeFey and Vivian, maybe it gave a better vantage point. It was so bright and sunny outside, but I saw barely any created shadow so I don't know what direction the sunlight was coming from, most likely from behind and high in the sky.

Vivian didn't look impressed at all, probably held me in the lowest regard possible, just watching me as if to say 'what the hell makes you so special?'
LeFey didn't seem to even care at that point, just nodded in his brief acknowledgment. It made me wonder at the time just how much money he was tempted to throw at this thing, and it just made me even more sure of myself. Easy job, easy money.


The third memory, I hold dear, I hold so dear because of who and what it contains I'm reluctant to share it here so publicly even to our fine members. I will only share this under being asked, as for all it holds.
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