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Another Day, Another Challenge

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This is me, either saturating the blog space or letting things out, I can't decide.

It was nice to get my walking in, headphones on so I can enjoy my music and self in peace and after a tiring stretch at work getting a project completed. Well with that out of the way I was able to visit some regulars on my route, oh no not any humans since that uis who I am avoiding but rather the bird life that exist around a nearby pond. I go to feed them, interact with them and they give me a company that feels better for me than human presence does. There is a duckling amongst them as well as a hatchling moorhen (I don't know the true name) so I try to feed them a much as I can.

I get more satisfaction feeding and caring for animals than humans since it almost feels like I am repaying old debts and getting weights off my shoulders, I have taken so much in the life from nature and animals so it feels good to help them rather than ourselves
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