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Another First in Life's Experiences

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Yesterday proved how little control humans have on her and how unpredictable she can be; thirteen tornados dropped in western Kentucky and three in my area alone. It was terrifying how little warning we were given and how out of the blue it was, it was a short distance behind my house when I got a call from a friend warning me of it; I'm not going to lie, I was hiding in the hall terrifyed until it past. Once I was sure it was safe I stepped out into the front yard with mom and watched it as it left town and got bigger, and for all the people it could've hit no one was killed and only 10 people with minor injuries were reported; for all the crowded places in its path it jumped over its a miracle. Its strange to be going through town and seeing the damage, my heart goes out to everyone who is having to pick up their life in the aftermath.

In an ironic twist yesterday was the aniversary of the movie Twister; sadly I missed the excitement since I was out roaming, I would've loved to see it.
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