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Assignment: Daily

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This was not what I expected from a Friday but I suppose it could be worse. This morning, I fell asleep in the outdoor hammock and woke up to a sudden downpour. A most impressive display as I damn near fell out of the hammock as a result.

Fortunately, my brother was kind enough to not say anything as I passed him. My Lady ran me a hot shower and I spent the rest of the day in bed. To some, this probably sounds like a rather extreme reponse to being caught in a storm. However, I am one of those lucky few induviduals that has the misfortune of a ####e immune system. I know exacty how I will wake up on the morrow.

I always thought it funny. My brother (we are twins) has stellear immunites. He was known for it in our family (which is quite large). Yet, I always had something happen to me and when you're that induvidual, sometimes people treat you're like fine china.

I detest being sick but being pampered by Lady is a nice benefit. She simply makes everything better.
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