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Astrological Ramblings for May

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Hi...! So I've mention before that I love astrology and I just want to share a little bit with you guys on what's gonna happen this month!

Okay, so the biggest thing we've got happening right now is the Venus in Taurus transit which I have to say is pretty awesome. This transit is gonna help you understand the value and the beauty of all the things around you. If you ever feel that you just need time to pamper yourself and relax this month, best thing to do is to just go ahead and do it. Venus is the planet of love and its Taurus's ruler, so the flow of this month should be pretty easy. We're also gonna be having a grand trine with Mercury, Sun, Pluto, Venus and Neptune! Now this is really make things wonderful. You're going to get a better sense of self this month, you're going to feel more intuitive, more talkative, more grounded. The only thing bad thing that'll happen this month is Mercury squaring Mars before it goes direct into Gemini. So towards the end of the month you're gonna feel a little irratible, maybe have an argument here and there but... nothing tooooo bad.

So my advice for this month would be to simply love yourself and do things that make you value yourself more. Taurus is a sign of self and Venus is the planet of love, so you need to learn to love you. It'll make this month go by way easier. If you're looking for something to do I suggest talking a walk in nature, do something creative (writing, singing, dance, create something). Even if you aren't the most creative type, you're going to get a lot of inspiration this month. Also try being sensual. Give your significant other a random gift, write them a love letter, do something cheesy. This is the perfect time.
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