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Being Polykin

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Some of you might now know that I started off as Otherkin on Tumblr. And on Tumblr one of the most iconic things is having quite a few Kintypes. So this led me to having 20+ Kintypes, most of them being Fictotypes (I have NOTHING against Fictionkin! I am just telling my story). But when I found out about this and was scooping out how in-depth being Otherkin can be, I started to realize that those Kintypes I "discovered" over the time span of two months were nothing more than me trying to fit in.

Now that I am on here I am trying my best to go through the better motions. It is still weird being Polykin because I am waiting for me to stack on seven more. I am doubting and questioning things more, in a healthy way, so I know I get things right. And I am hoping that I don't go through that again!

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