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Big changes for me, but I'm back!

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Hello everyone, you may not have noticed (in fact I wouldn't be surprised if you hadn't) that I have not been on for a considerable length of time. This is partially due to issues of general life being busy but also lots of personal/spiritual etc things with me.

So to begin I can proudly say that I am poly-kin, I knew about my past Dragon life a while ago (as some may remember). I also had a past life as some advanced species living in an anarchic/communistic society (though I am very much still learning about much of this life so more details will hopefully come). The final kintype that I know about was not as a chimera ant as I previously thought but as some kind of alien species but it's very hard for me to access any of those memories, I'd assume because they were not good ones.

To finish if anyone has ANY questions don't hesitate to ask here, in chat or PMs :D
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