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Bits and pieces

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I don't have anything major to say, but I wanted to talk about a couple of things that I can't post anywhere else.

First off: while I still think my fiction kin theory is unlikely (the theory that I am fiction kin of Xenagos from Magic the Gathering), I don't want to completely dismiss anything with at least some evidence. And I had a thought about this. I mentioned that Xenagos is a "Planeswalker," meaning he can travel between worlds. And as you also might recall, there is an Arabian Nights themed world in Magic. It's called Rabiah. If that sounds familiar it's because I borrowed that name for the setting of my story (the one based on my potential past life memories and fanciful theories). So it's a bit more furl for that still very unlikely fire.

Next topic: Pan. Like I said, I didn't do that much research before I started talking to Pan. I just sort of started conversing with myself as I used to, and have kept going long enough that he began to sort of have a mind of his own. Again, he isn't totally separate from me (yet) by design, but I sometimes can't tell how much conscious influence I have on what he says. I'll hear what he's going to say in my head before he actually says it, but is that me planning what he's going to say or is it his thoughts I'm hearing? Technically it's both I suppose, but it's hard to tell exactly how much is me.

Next topic: Kaden from Fire Emblem Fates. He came up in a thread earlier. I thought I might share a picture of him:

And finally: I was at Walgreens (a drug store chain) yesterday and I happened upon this:
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