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Burning in the Skylanders

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(I took the name of a totally unrelated Linkin Park song to use for a pun for this title; it's not my best work. But it's 2 AM here, so cut me some slack.)

Have I mentioned that I'm a big fan of Skylanders? Because I really am. While The Legend of Zelda will aways be my favorite video game series, I'm always a big proponent of more adult gamers trying Skylanders. I write for a video game blog (www.thatvideogameblog.com) and it's a running joke among the staff of the blog that I'll write about every single piece of Skylanders news that comes up.

I've particularly been waiting eagerly for the newest game in the series, Skylanders Imaginators. It features deep character creation, which is a feature I always love in games. And today, I learned a couple new things that make me even more excited. Skylanders includes characters of all different shapes and sizes, but there are some new designs that I'm really happy about. First, one of the new toys-to-life (non-custom) characters this time around is a cat-centaur sort of thing called Mysticat, and I really like his design. They call him a sphinx, but cat-centaur-thing is more accurate. There is already a more traditional centaur character in Skylanders, but because she's female and of the Dark element it's hard for me to relate with her.

The other cool thing, which I just learned, is that you'll be able to unlock the parts required to make a faun character in the game. Do you know how many games out there let you play as a faun? Approximately zero until now. They even get the name right; they call it a "faun" instead of "satyr." While it's annoying that I'll have to unlock those parts, I'm thrilled to see that they're in the game.

If you're the kind of person who likes playing as characters that are similar to your kin type, or just like platformers, I really recommend checking this game out. It comes out this coming Sunday in North America, and today in Europe.
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