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Castle of Glass

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Okay, so. Super emotional right now and I'm taking a stab at writing this down as its currently happening so I don't #### my entire day. Having BPD has taught me to try and ride the wave of emotion that practically wrattles my physical frame.


Okay. Oh; I forgot that I asked Raziel to sort of tap into my headspace in order to calm my ass down.
My chest is so tight. I should add some context to this; so my husband is basically a #whiney little ##### in every sense of that phrase. He's arguing with our wife over something really small and he's been such a moody little pissant lately.

It upsets me because of our kids. They're not even one and I can't explain this to them, the reason why there is so much fighting. That's the environment I was raised in and it sucks. It sucks and it ####ed me head more up than it already was.

It sucks because I took ALL THIS TIME to fix myself, to heal hurt from the pregnancy psychotic break and to just be better. To get back on medication and a proper diagnosis (although if I ever told them about my Sight or who I was I would fit the bill for schizophernia or schizoaffecto disorder. Clinicly speaking)

You don't know that for sure.

Point is, I'm tired of dealing with it. He needs to join me in the "I have kids now" club.
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