Lee RuralWolf Jul 7, 2016

I went through 8 wrong theriotype identifications in 6 months. The only reason I feel I found my correct identity so "quickly" was the fact I spent almost every waking moment in meditation, studying my phantom and mental shifts, instincts, urges, diets, etc.... Then later my past life memories arrived. That in it's own right took me another 8 months to get that decoded as it was under medication OD. So a bit of hallucinations too. But another story, and this is your blog, not mine lol.

But it's ok to be wrong and question yourself.

I'm about 97% confident in my current identity as a mexican wolf. But I still study them, pups, etc... Then my shifts still. I keep a written log of the larger mental shift elevations to refer back to if needed.

When you can't see, or really attach any physical proof to our internal identities, it's so very hard to identify as something that isn't us. Meaning we are human beings, have human bodies, and brains, organs, etc... We're raised up as people, human families. The usual. So it's flipped on it's head when that changes and we find out we have a non-human internal identity.

Study well, you'll get it. I wish you the best :)