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Cold, Rainy Day

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I could sense the danger
My pack was aware of that, for sure
Ears perked up, as we spot the stranger
Looking straight at us

There were more than one
I can't let my family down
I would risk my life to keep them safe
I approached them first

My family followed me
I told them to stay
But the look in their eyes
They could tell what's going to happen

Yes, I know what's going to happen
Running off to the left, the strangers followed
My family ran the other way
As I saw them slowly disappear in the distance

Going through the trees
I hear them catching up
My paws we're getting tired
But I kept running and running

I felt a sharp edge
Tripping over, getting caught up
The only thing I thought about
Was 'I hope my family is safe'

this cold, rainy day
I walk the earth once again
To see my family once again
They were happy, safe and sound
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