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ConFuzzled 2016

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I came home early for multiple reasons.

Not that I didn't enjoy it, no, I made good friends with my fursuit maker, and I got some video of the fursuit parade.

Just... Fursuit problems. One after another.

Now, she's nice enough to fit new hinges on my head, but it means I get it next month. At least it'd be fixed.

There was an event scheduled for 6pm today called "The Other Kind" which I'm guessing is the Otherkin meet, but an hour of that doesn't justify me hanging around the hotel for that long. If I had my fursuit, I'd have been fine, I could have gone suiting and made no hassle. But I didn't, and none of the other events were even close to interesting.

And so, I am home.

And a single bed is far too small when Kyoko decides to just sorta lie there in a half-awake state
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