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Constructs of aspects

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Hey, this is "Pan." Well, not really; I still have to let Gryff do the typing. This whole post was his idea anyway. He just wanted me to talk.

(This is Gryff interrupting to say, "at least you have a topic this time.")

It is barely a topic. It's really just a joke, or it started as a joke. So remember when Gryff talked about that poem? Well, it got me thinking. Because obviously, I'm named after Pan. But I'm not just named after him; I'm also kind of (kind of!) based on him. Man, keeping our thoughts separate is hard...

So, we were thinking. Well, we were joking about me being an aspect of Pan. Or rather a construct aspect, which is really just a term we made up. For whatever reason Gryff started talking to me like I was Pan, and I went along with it. I'm allowed to have an ego too, right? So where were we...sorry, we got interrupted. Anyway, we've started actually looking at it like that. Like I'm an aspect of Pan, constructed in something sort of like the real world by something sort of like one of his followers. Gryff is a "fauntaur" and those are followers of Pan by his understanding. So, if he made me, based on Pan, then maybe there's something legitimate there.

I dunno, it sounds stupid, I know. But what if...what if there is something there? What if there's some deeper meaning to me being like Pan? For him or for me?

I don't know. This was a bad idea. I feel like Gryff and I sort of aren't sure which of us is talking. We're still new to this, and since Gryff hasn't been very good about his meditating, we might not ever be. Which is annoying.

(This is Gryff again, saying that we're quitting while we're ahead here. Also, that I recognize the irony of the guy in my heading talking about how he might be part of a god...)
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